24th Mar 2007, 22:32

Please show us data that clearly shows MOST GM/Ford/Dodge are assembled in Latin America, or that even most of the parts are from there.

(You won't be able to because it's not true)

Do not just throw a statement out like that if you can't back it up. Why are you trying to mislead readers?

I was in a GM plant before. I've been too many auto suppliers. I realize that many parts can come from all over the world. But to say what this guy said is a complete lie.

And for you to just add "It's true" or "he's right" still doesn't make his claim valid.

25th Mar 2007, 06:23

I live down the street from GM's manufacturing plant in Wilmington De. I can assure you that plant is not located in Latin America.

25th Mar 2007, 07:23

18:55, I do not dispute that we should conserve oil, protect the environment, and unless a person "needs" a large SUV, it is probably better to avoid getting one. One should not take more from the Earth than he or she needs.

But, you really should re evaluate your statement which suggests we will be having 125 degree summers if people drive large SUV's, suggesting that humans somehow have the ability to control the climate. We can pollute the Earth and make it an unpleasant and unhealthy place to live, but change the climate...no.

A majority of scientists (including myself) do not agree with the theory of global warming. But you will not hear that side of the story in the news media. A committed environmentalist, I most certainly am. I passionately stand up against pollution and excessive oil consumption. But, I will not jump on the global warming bandwagon and and stand by as it is claimed to be scientific fact, when it is simply not true.

The global warming myth is one of the biggest hoaxes perpetrated in the name of science (mainly by non scientists) since people were claiming the Earth was flat. Stand up against pollution and abuse of our natural resources, but deprogram your self and take another look at the global warming scam.

25th Mar 2007, 10:59

I call it looking at the sticker on the vehicle that says country of origin. On a stop to my local multi car outlet I noticed that many cars were built in Ontario Canada such as GM, Chryslers, and Honda. I noticed that VW had cars in Mexico and Ford had some too coupled with Chrysler and Honda. I would have to say though that a fair share of GM cars are built in the US and some Fords. One thing that we are all going to have to bury in our hearts is that Honda, Nissan, and Toyota are growing rapidly in the United States and will soon dominate the landscape. Maybe it is arguable that right now things are even, but in the future things will really change. I live in Minneapolis and I know that Ford will be closing our Ford Ranger plant. Where will they move it to? Probably not North America.

25th Mar 2007, 14:15

07:23 I'd be interested to hear who you work for.

Global warming is not a 'scam', and carbon dioxide emissions walk hand in hand with temperatures around the planet. The science behind it is inarguable.

Yes, humans do have the ability to change the climate; we've already done it! Snow caps and glaciers are melting, and temperatures around the world are rising drastically; in the oceans; everywhere.

Any simple graph depicting CO2 emissions and worldwide temperatures since the advent of the industrial revolution will show this. It's the oil companies and our government that continue to ruin things and fail to do anything about it.

Besides, what will saying that global warming is a scam accomplish? Maybe keeping the oil companies and the government in a position to continue raping the public over oil prices? Ever consider how or why Al Gore was denied the presidency through illegal action in Florida? They (Republicans/Bush) wouldn't allow a staunch environmentalist to gain the presidency. Too much of a threat to Big Business and the oil companies.

No credible scientist will argue against the fact that global warming is real, unless they're being paid enough to do so.

So, who do you work for?

25th Mar 2007, 17:55

<<A majority of scientists (including myself) do not agree with the theory of global warming.>>

Sorry, but this is 100% proven UNTRUE as no LEGITIMATE scientist disputes the concept of global warming. Please do not spread disinformation on this site, as all you are doing is giving SUV owners fodder for their unhealthy habit.

26th Mar 2007, 19:51

I knew responses like this to my comment about global warming were coming. First let me say that me posting a comment on this site does not place me on a criminal trial, where I have to answer accusatory demands to know where I work. Where I work is my business.

You are dead wrong saying global warming is 100% proven. You cannot single handedly speak for the entire scientific community. I certainly do not claim to do that, but I have a lot more people in my camp (who do not believe in the global warming myth) than you do. To site a source you might be familiar with, only 13% of scientist respondents to a survey put out by the one and only Green Peace indicated that they thought our current energy usage would lead to climate change.

Why in the world do you have to bring politics (the Florida election) into this? That is completely completely irrelevant to any form scientific inquiry, but never-the-less suggests where you get your marching orders from.

A previous comment pointed out the earth shattering fact, that right now on this planet, glaciers melting. What is your point? Glaciers have been receding and regenerating for hundreds of years. Glacier cycles, like temperature cycles, are just that, cyclic. Ice shelves have been breaking off for as long as climate data has been recorded. There have been several documented periods of glaciers growing and then retreating.

Temperature fluctuations, including glacier melt-offs are completely normal, but they are influenced not only by temperature trends around the earth, but also precipitation. Any climatological model that does not take both of these factors into account is woefully incomplete.

If you think humans and so-called "green house gasses" are responsible for glaciers melting, then how do you explain all the major melt offs that occurred before our industrialization? The Earth produces so many times more "green house" gasses than humans do, that the amount we produce can for all practical purposes be considered negligible. If we are supposed to experience all of these drastic changes in our lifetime by virture of our actions, then shouldn't have just any one of the major volcanic erruptions that have occurred over the past few decades, which produced many times the more "green house" gasses than man has ever created in his existance, have caused these dramatic changes over night? Last I checked, the climate has been stable within .1 degree Celcius for the past 100 years, which is well within reasonable natural variations.

Do you care to restate your case with facts, or should I just expect more impassioned speculation?