2002 Vauxhall Corsa SXi 1.2 16v from UK and Ireland


You get more than what you pay for


Defective lighting in car when first received.

Sports exhaust had immobilized my car twice. Does not happen now.

General Comments:

Best point of this car is performance wise. For a 1.2 engine doing 60mph in 2nd gear and my top speed of 117mph is very good.

My car has 17" alloys with 215/40s on them. No modifications whatsoever for this to happen. It has also provided handling which you could only get in a serious sports car.

Seating is slightly uncomfortable, but can be slightly improved with the addition of an arm rest.

Interior beats anything around the price of this car. The alluminium effect is good and not overdone.

Very impressed with all round performance and styling and seriously considering 1.8 SRi or hopefully the turbo when it becomes available.

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Review Date: 25th July, 2003

2002 Vauxhall Corsa SXi 1.2 16v from UK and Ireland


Cheap running fun!


There was a rattle through the steering column at about 5000 miles and I took it to the dealer, they fixed it, but the rattle came back at about 10000 miles and then I had to have a new steering rack fitted. When they fitted this the car was pulling to one side so I had to take it back for the tracking doing. It is now rattling and pulling to one side again, but I can't be bothered taking it to the dealer as I don't believe they are capable of fixing it!!

I'm on my third set of brake pads in 16000 miles and now when the car is driven hard the brakes tend to smoke when you come to a stop. The dealer has fitted all 3 sets of brake pads free of charge which I thought was quite good as they didn't come under warranty.

There are a few annoying rattles coming from various different places.

Whilst sitting in traffic every instrument on the dash board went off apart from the brake light was on, the handbrake was off and the car was still running, this only lasted for about 5 seconds and has only happened once.

When starting on a cold morning, when I reverse it out of my drive there is a puff of blue smoke which comes from the exhaust so I think it's burning a bit of oil, it has been doing this since 5000 miles. It has now stopped doing it since the first service, but if it starts again I will be taking it to the dealer.

General Comments:

Pretty good performance for a 1.2 but has to be pushed to keep up with a Fiesta 1.25 Zetec and around corners has to be pushed to the limit (which can be scary) to keep up with a Fiesta.

Had 121mph down hill, but top speed of 112mph on the flat.

The brakes are not vented so if you have more than one person in the car and you push it the brakes will fade badly and the brake disc's will start glowing, I have lit cig's off of the brakes after hammering the car!!! Probably one reason why I've had 3 sets of brake pads!

Handling is a lot better than the old Corsa, but it still tends to under steer, especially in the wet and if you brake when cornering the back end can step out, all adds to the fun though!!!

The car has great looks and really nice interior, plenty of aluminum looking parts, like the gear knob and handbrake etc. make it look very sporty. I got the Irmscher twin tale pipe exhaust for £270 which is quite expensive, but makes the whole rear end of the car look a lot better.

Very good fuel economy, out of a £27 tank I will get over 300 miles.

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Review Date: 3rd July, 2003

23rd Feb 2005, 14:58

You're right the Corsa is a fun car.

From the comments you make I would put most of your trouble down to your style of driving rather than the car.

One thing that does puzzle me though is how you can get a front wheel drive car to understeer?!?

1st Mar 2007, 12:47

Umm. Front wheel understeer is most common on front wheeel drives. It's where you turn the wheels, but you just plough straight on!! Oversteer is when the ass end comes out.

19th Jun 2012, 18:08

Anybody wondering how to get a front wheel drive car to understeer, should try swinging from one bend to an opposite bend with high power input; then reducing the power significantly when halfway through the second bend. Guaranteed little fight or flight rush, as the pulling effect of the aligned power is lost.

20th Jun 2012, 10:20

Don't you mean oversteer? FWD cars understeer all the time.