2000 Volkswagen Polo Pack Clim 1.4 16v from France


A car with problems that seem irreparable


- Gear box is almost impossible to use, it looks like you will break everything when you want to use the first gear.

- Clutch became really "hard" and needed to be changed at 88000 km.

- Gear box leaks oil.

- One day, EPC light and CHECK lights came on. I took my Polo back to the VW dealer. They changed randomly two sensors, and broke the box under the car radio. 5 days later, the car was unable to move from a red light, and CHECK light come again... The engine was losing power suddenly, I don't know why because I brought back the car to the VW dealer, definitely (it was still covered by the warranty)

General Comments:

A very nice looking car with a high level of equipment, but ruined by a poor reliability.

My advice: avoid this car. I lost a lot of money and time because of it. Not to mention the dangerousness of the car when the engine starts to lose power while you're on a main road with huge traffic..

Really disappointed by VW.

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Review Date: 22nd January, 2010

2000 Volkswagen Polo S 1.4 mpi from UK and Ireland


So near, yet so very far away..


Clutch replaced twice.

Water pump replaced twice.

Intermittent electrical fault with stereo.

ABS sensor light flickers on and off, cured by hosing down the wheels.

Rear wiper jet leaks into the boot.

Central locking, self unlocks at times, have found the car insecure after double checking its locked.

Horn sounded continually without me touching it (quite embarrassing).

General Comments:

It's a shame that I have had so many reliability issues with this car, It's a lovely looking car, and comfortable too. Without the reliability issues, this car would be the perfect compact/city car. The car handles well, a little top heavy round corners maybe, but perfectly function-able.

I would like to think I have just had bad luck with the car, but my research seems to indicate that some if not all of the faults listed are fairly common.

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Review Date: 18th March, 2009

2000 Volkswagen Polo SE 1.4 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Pretty good


Rear windscreen wiper seized at around 160000 miles.

3rd gear crunches a little when cold (has been doing it for about 100000 miles though...)

Front tires always scrub really fast, even after tracking is adjusted :o(

Sunroof jammed not long after purchase - was fixed under warranty.

General Comments:

Having read many of the VW polo posts, I feel quite lucky to have my little TDI.

I've had it from new and recently clocked over 170,000 miles on it (270,000 Km), and it's still on the original clutch.

If I pay attention and drive it carefully, I can still get over 65 miles to the gallon from it (UK gallon).

It still starts every morning, even though I've never changed the battery.

Recently the front tires have started to scrub really fast (A pair last about 10,000 miles or 6 months for me!)

I'm thinking all the bushes up front are probably due for replacement now though, as it's starting to clunk a little on rough roads.

It's not an entertaining drive, though it still pulls along nicely on the motorway.

I'll probably keep driving it until something major fails and forces me to get something else.

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Review Date: 2nd February, 2009

2000 Volkswagen Polo 16v 1.4 16v from UK and Ireland




My rear exhaust blew.

Then the front exhaust.

Then the pedal box.

I have recently had it serviced, however the service light has come back on saying service sp. Can anyone help?

General Comments:

The car is quick and handles pretty good.

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Review Date: 27th May, 2008

2000 Volkswagen Polo Match 1.4 Multi Point Injection from UK and Ireland


Totally unreliable even with low mileage


Temperature sensor failed.

Crankshaft sensor failed.

ABS sensor failed.

Electric window motor sometimes works.

Gearbox ruined (bearing chewed up gears then blew hole through casing) after 55000 miles. Usually Polo gearboxes only last 30000 miles.

Clutch wears out after short distance.

Headlights / taillights often blow out.

Front springs snapped after 40000 miles.

Tappets were worn before I bought the car i.e. less than 34000 miles.

Interior lights don't work (including boot light)

Rear window washer blocked up before I bought the car.

Lights behind heater controls don't work.

General Comments:

The car is cheap to run fuel wise; can get on average 350 miles out quite a small fuel tank. Can increase fuel economy to about 450 miles on the motorway. Quite good acceleration and handling. Interior is quite smart and of good quality.

Reliability is absolutely rubbish, especially for a relatively expensive small car and especially for a German car. Just look above for all the things that have went wrong, and these problems are not specific to my car, they're common to all polos. The gearbox going after 55000 miles is ridiculous, and I think it had been previously replaced before I bought the car. The garage where I got the gearbox replaced had 4 other Polos in that week for gearboxes, and all the other garages I contacted all had several Polos in for new gearboxes.

I thought buying VW was money well spent. It so isn't. I couldn't be more wrong. If you're thinking of buying a Polo, buy a Fiesta instead; honestly you will save a fortune.

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Review Date: 14th March, 2008