2000 Volkswagen Polo GTi 1.6 16v petrol from UK and Ireland


A good long-term buy with respectable performance


EPC warnings every now and again, never been solved by the dealer (seems to be related to the brakes).

General Comments:

As my first 'proper' car I am pretty pleased with the Polo GTI. I went for the Polo over the Golf or Lupo GTI for a variety of reasons. I felt the Lupo to be a little too small and not as good looking (although the twin central exhaust is very nice on the Lupo). The Golf at insurance group 14 meant premiums of £1500 (early 20's with no no-claims bonus). The Polo GTI at group 12 is much more affordable; recently renewed my premium and at 22 years old with 1 years no claims got it for under £700.

The Polo GTI is still rare on the roads today and should hold its' second hand value fairly well.

I have done over 11,000 in the first year of ownership and after the first service the performance has increased notably. Rumours that all VW GTI engines get an electronic de-restriction after their first year seem to be confirmed.

The handling is not brilliant, but it will do anything you ask of it. As in one review I read (paraphrased), you 'drive' the Polo GTI, but you don't 'bond' with it. The harsh ride can sometimes be a bit of a bore on bumpy back roads.

Other reviews compare the Polo GTI unfavourably with most of its' competitors. Although not as fast as the Saxo VTS, it is streets ahead in specification and refinement. The Clio 172 was a good choice until the recent restyling effort by Renault that have made it rather ugly.

To sum up, the Polo GTI is a good long-term buy that will beat 90% of other cars away from the traffic lights, looks good and gets noticed.

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Review Date: 14th September, 2001

22nd Nov 2005, 07:39

90%, I think you mean 90% will be leaving you behind, that's only 10 mate. not a hot hatch.

4th Jun 2006, 07:12

Bet you're a Saxo driver...

8th Aug 2006, 11:18

Its not the fastest, but its built well and everything is quality, saxo owners don't realise this until they get in a well built motor!

Dubbers go for style, french car owners usually settle for quick tat!

11th Oct 2006, 11:44

Polo's are slow, not even a hot hatch.

1st Aug 2007, 20:16

The Polo GTI looks better as standard than the Saxo any day!

Build quality is not that great on the Polo, but miles ahead of the Saxo!!

I had a 2000 W reg Saxo VTS from new in black. Tan it for a year before getting rid of it; shoddy workmanship in the build quality department to say the least.

In 2001 I bought a brand new Polo GTI. No real problems at all with it; not as fast as the Saxo, but it looked sexier than the french thing I had pxed it for.

Now running a 2007 Astravan, which is really put together well, but not as fast as either of the above... way it goes I guess.

31st Dec 2009, 09:46

I had a 100hp Polo from the same year, and it had the GTI brake system, and after adjusting the air intake system, the same power output was achieved, so I will consider it the same vehicle.

The steering was superior to ANY car I have ever driven, it was spot on, (exactly like pointing to steer the car and it follows your gaze), it handled beautifully apart from a slightly excessive amount of roll from the front suspension. The driver's seating position is right in the centre of the car's centre of gravity and gives you plenty of control.

The engine is silky smooth, predictable and you really do make a strong connection to the car and definitely feel that you are one with it.

The interior finishings, with all the options including CD player and aircon, both of which most Polo's don't have, are far more beautifully made and more luxurious than any other cars considered competition.

2000 Volkswagen Polo Comfortline 1.4 16v/75bhp from Greece


The worst deal. Money thrown away..


Passenger's seat became loose at 2000km.

Engine cutoffs every 100-150 km due to non-defined electronic failures. CPU changed at 7000km.

Both electrical windows started malfunctioning twice (7000km, 15000km) and were replaced during warranty.

Engine refused to start at 15000km due to starter-socket malfunction. Key socket was replaced resulting in abnormal steering wheel replacement.

Colour started fading at 10000km. According to my dealer, the damage had been made during car-washing and is not covered by Volkswagen.

Holes were discovered on the rubber around the drivers door at 15000km, and I am still waiting for the part to come...

The air conditioning panel light came off and the panel was scratched by a VW dealer during the light replacement. The whole panel was replaced 2 months later.

The cockpit panel coverage became loose, but it does not concern me much.

General Comments:

The service periods are 7500km for oil and 15000 for general checks, which is half the time it was supposed to be. The Greek Volkswagen general dealer says that this happens due to high temperatures, but it does not seem like a decent scenario for me.

I am very disappointed with the Volkswagen product and I would never buy a car from the same factory in the future.

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Review Date: 30th July, 2001

29th Oct 2001, 01:48

My wife recently bought the Volkswagen Polo. From the beginning, it has been nothing but trouble. First, the motor for the driver's window stopped working. Then the motor for the windshield wipers.

The paint on the interior door handles started coming off. Now, the "check light" is on and the cars seems to be running on 3 cylinders only.

The dealership told me that it is because of the gas in Greece. The service department at the dealership have been helpful, but what happens after the warranty expires??? Needless to say, I am disappointed about the purchase.