2001 Volvo S40 2.4T from North America


Comfy ride, but always in the shop


Service engine light is always on... never sure when it will come on again or what will be wrong when it does.

Seems to be a larger problem in the car that the service department can never quite find... and keep experimenting with solutions to the detriment of my wallet.

Air blower fan on heater works intermittently unless it's on setting #5.

Driver's seat doesn't 'lock' into place easily.

Steering wheel squeaks when you turn it.

Engine misfires when idling, making me wonder when it will just stall out.

Engine sometimes refuses to shift 'up' when accelerating until I let off the gas.

Engine sometime stalls out a bit when accelerating from a stop, making it unreliable for passing / merging.

CD player is very touchy, maybe to be expected in a car of this year (?)

General Comments:

It's too bad that this car has been in the shop so many times in the 7 short months I've owned it, as it's a really cute, fun car to drive. The interior is nice for a car of it's age and it's a comfortable ride. It has enough pep to be sporty, and enough cargo space to make it practical. The interior is a little tight in the back legroom area, but it's survivable for a compact sedan.

However, I've grown less confident in whether it will get me from point A to B with all of it's engine problems, stalls, and misfires.

The Volvo dealer keeps trying different things each time the service engine light comes on (once every couple of weeks) and says that it's a different 'code' each time... but I'm getting tired of dropping money into a used car when the problems with the engine don't go away, no matter what the dealer tries.

Don't like having a car with a mysterious illness. Am looking to trade it in for something more reliable.

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Review Date: 11th November, 2007

26th Sep 2008, 00:27

Often you should trade in your mechanic rather than your car.

2001 Volvo S40 2.0 T4 2.0T from Mexico




Replacement parts are really, really expensive.

Never use the headlights wiper, but, when I did it, don't work properly and the motor is such expensive, almost 350 USDA.

Shock absorber very bad I changed 3 months ago in a authorized dealer and I heard a lot of noise.

General Comments:

Very bad, I recommend to all reader's of this that is a better option a BMW.

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Review Date: 29th August, 2007

30th Aug 2007, 09:51

This is not a good review. If all you can find wrong with the car is a broken HEADLAMP wiper motor and shock absorber, then I think that's not bad going. What about other factors of the car. Is it good to drive? Comfortable? Tell us more - why is the more expensive BMW better?

26th Jul 2015, 17:17

You can laugh at most BMWs in a T4, away from the lights.

2001 Volvo S40 1.9 turbo from North America


First Volvo: They have a customer for life!


Starter went out at 1000 miles; dealer flatbeded a loaner to where the car was, and fixed it promptly.

Red paint... fading fast.

Check engine light a few times in the first couple of thousand miles.

General Comments:

We were worried the first 10,000 miles, our first foreign car ever... but after that, the car has been a gem; gets 29 or 30 mpg, never broken down or wouldn't start.

Now at 137k it has been in the hands of our lead foot college age daughter for 3 years... gets her home and back every other weekend 350 miles round trip no problem.

So I now drive a 2005 s60 t-5 47k miles, absolutely no problems whatsoever, bought this one certified pre-owned, that's the way to go.

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Review Date: 22nd July, 2007

2001 Volvo S40 from North America


My 2001 S40 has under 58K miles on it and the dealer told me that the timing belt needs replacement immediately. Typically timing belt for S40s are replaced at 105K and cost around $450!!!. Anyone else experience the same thing? The car also needs a 2nd new pair or rotors (all four) and brake+plate light bulbs.

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Review Date: 24th January, 2007