2000 Volvo S80 T6 2.7 Twin turbo from North America


Will NOT buy another Volvo and make sure all my friends and family know it


Throttle Control Module.

Steering Wheel Module (3 times)

Cruise Control (twice)

Computer Software (program bug, but I had to pay to get software patch installed)

Numerous gaskets leaking oil.

Fuel Door - fell off.

Side lights fell off.

Driver's side rear window (power windows) rolled down one day and will not go back up. Strange as it has seldom been used.

Metal Brace on Moon Roof - Fell off, parts from this caused malfunction in seatbelt mechanism.

Interior - things just fall off, such as center dash mounted speaker cover, fabic covered surfaces like front side pillars, side pillars, seat belt guides.

General Comments:

I bought this car after deciding to "move up" to a luxury sport car with great safety ratings. However, the maintenance costs for this car are extraordinarily high. The repair costs, had it not been for the extended warranty, would have caused me to rid myself of the vehicle within the first three years. Even the tire size for this car made them hard to find with little competitive choices causing the price to be much higher than necessary.

Even with the extended warranty, I had to fight in order to get the throttle control module replaced. This was prior to the recall yet after a class-action law suit filled in California. I let the dealer know about it and that Volvo would pay for it if I were to complain. So, I complained. They still tried to put it on my extended warranty at which point I complained more profusely. They then covered it free of charge. The recall notice showed up about two months later.

The computer software upgrade made my head spin. I work for a software company. Bugs happen and most companies make patches available free of charge. Not Volvo, since the dealer has to install it, there will be at least $100 on your extended warranty deducible that will be due.

The cruise control failing actually throws an error that will cause the car to fail the emissions inspection test. This was one of the most ridiculous issues with this car.

I have been, so far, very happy with performance. Interior quality of construction is poor and destined to fall apart after 4 years. Electronics and software are VERY problematic with frequent failures and very expensive repair costs.

The car is a good idea, but definitely show signs of poor quality or cutting corners in materials, workmanship or testing.

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Review Date: 9th March, 2008

24th Jun 2008, 22:08

Was your car silver with grey interior?

21st Feb 2009, 10:50

I had the same problems with my 2000 S80.

But, I got a $0/deductible extended warranty when buying it. Don't let the dealer sell you a deductible warranty - they won't tell you for a nominal charge you can have $0 deductible.

I paid about $1600 for my warranty, and the 4 years I've had this car have cost about $13000 in maintenance costs. I can't remember them all:

- Sunroof metal fell off

- Climate Control

- Electrical system

- Broken mounts/gaskets galore

- Transmission

- And this week: heater core

The extended warranty company paid about $9K, and I have been left out of pocket about $4K.

1st Dec 2009, 20:00

Just traded my 2000 S80 T6 in after 9 1/2 years (80K Miles). Worst car ever. Transmission replaced. Turbo replaced. Mounts 3+ times, computer system 4X on and on. 4 wheels broke. Battery's replaced. All under warranty. Over 50 repairs over $30K but kept warranty throughout. If not for the best Volvo dealer ever I would have gone crazy! The car was great to drive but wow it was unreliable. Other Volvo's were great so I will go for another (can't beat the service from a great dealer).

2000 Volvo S80 from North America


The car really is a lemon!


Transmission failure, engine sputtering, alternator, battery 2 times in 2 years, brake rotors.

Ford has really screwed up what was a great automobile prior to the merger.

General Comments:

From Houston Texas.

Quite frankly all of the negative comments I have heard about Volvo quality and service are true. This Volvo S80 is a sorry vehicle. I will never buy; another they suck. That is why they are sold for so cheap after some unaware sucker pays 40,000 plus for them new!

Stay away from them; the transmission will not last, and all of the bad things you hear are absolutely true.

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Review Date: 1st March, 2008