2000 Volvo S80 T6 turbo from North America


Never another Volvo


This car is terrible! From suspension problems to computer problems, stalling in intersections. It has left us stranded numerous times requiring tows. Over heating issues. Power steering problems. Needed a new rack after 65K miles. Blew light bulbs about once a month. Radiator fluid would disappear. All this costing about a grand every time I brought it into the dealer. I had to get rid of it fearing the transmission and turbo would go next.

General Comments:

First let me tell you that this is one of the best riding cars I have ever owned. The seats wear like iron and are very comfortable.

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Review Date: 10th January, 2005

21st Feb 2005, 17:31

Totally agree! stay away from this car.. first throttle body died then Traction control and ABS systems.. car is really bolts on wheels.. I will NEVER buy a volvo again..

26th Mar 2005, 18:21

I owned this car (S80 T6) for almost 6 years and 90,000 miles. Some minor problems, but that is to be expected on any vehicle. My biggest complaint is with the dealer. They just didn't seem to have any technicians who where competent enough with Turbos to repair them. After 3 return trips for the same problem I decided to just live with the problem. Outside of this one area I was very happy with the car and would buy another.

2000 Volvo S80 2.5 diesel from UK and Ireland


Superb car, Excellent Road holding


Recall Warning from Volvo for the Cooling System Fan, (it could catch fire) - Volvo fixed free of charge.

Ball joints replaced. Volvo fixed free of charge.

Front Passenger Speaker wiring came loose.

General Comments:

No Front screen window heater (which is a problem in the UK's climate).

No alarm if the lights are left on by accident.

Beautiful to drive.

Diesel gives 44 mpg on motorways and nearly 50 mpg otherwise. Outstanding fuel consumption.

Automatic transmission is superb.

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Review Date: 3rd December, 2004

2000 Volvo S80 2.5TD from UK and Ireland


Everyone should have one at some stage of their motoring career


Shortly after I bought it, the power-steering pump squealed for a while and then the bearing had failed. A new pump is £500 fitted - no hope of just a new bearing for £5...

Tyre wear, particularly on the front is heavy and can be uneven; the edges go faster than the centre of the tread.

There are occasional signs of a pull to the left and uneven brake-pad wear, also on the left, which have baffled the Volvo specialist (not the dealership, who are hugely expensive, but helpful.)

General Comments:

Spare parts are expensive and that includes air/oil/pollen filters – I invested in a K&N filter to avoid replacements (they last 100,000 miles) as the air filter is a complete swine to get in and out.

I am 6 foot, if I sit so that my left foot rests on the footrest, the dashboard indicator repeaters are obscured by the steering wheel. If I sit back so my left foot does not rests on the footrest, I can see the dashboard indicator repeaters, but my leg just sticks out unsupported.

The climate control requires a 3 week residential course to master, but it’s worth it – quiet and efficient.

The radio/CD/Cassette player has excellent sound through 8 speakers.

The seats are the standard that other cars should try and attain. On occasion, I have driven 400 miles in a day and get out of the car entirely refreshed and relaxed.

Road holding is superb; there is no indication of the weight of the car affecting cornering, which, even at speed, it accomplishes without fuss.

The steering is light, accurate, responsive and with the right amount of feedback.

The brakes are top-notch – light and responsive with the ABS kicking in predictably. I have noticed no fade at all.

Performance – this is a 140 BPH diesel, it weighs somewhere near 1½ tons, yet the torque is amazing. Setting aside a 11 sec 0-60, the pull from 50 – 80 is really there when you want it. It will cruise all day without effort at a very fair speed.

Economy? Excellent! How can you beat a 200 mile run on less than 4 gallons, all at a steady 80mph? With a 60 litre tank, you could reasonably expect a range of 600 miles mixed driving.

Depreciation is likely to be high, but buying second hand avoids the worst of this and diesels hold their price far better and are cheaper to insure and service.

Safety? It’s a Volvo with more airbags than you can wave a stick at. It also has traction control, but I’ve never had it kick in.

Overall, driving is a pleasure, no matter what the distance.

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Review Date: 13th November, 2004

17th Aug 2005, 18:55

I completely agree with you; the only problem that I have and that I don't understand is this car is soo unreliable and has soo many problems that usually repeat themselves.

10th Oct 2005, 13:00

Fantastic review, very helpful seeing as I am currently considering buying a second hand S80. Just thought i'd say, The pull to the left could possibly be caused by a Twisted Chassis so it might be worth an HPI or even a Jig Test to make sure.

22nd Oct 2005, 04:55

My year 2000 S80 is a nice, comfortable car for long trips, but way too expensive to maintain. Many nuisance and front end warranty problems during the first year. Yesterday, at 66,700 miles, I had to replace the brake vacuum booster assembly and the electronic throttle module for $1,700. Both problems were attributed to "bad luck" by the service advisor. After reading other reviews about what I have in store for me, I'm going back to Chevrolets or Toyotas. I have spent more in Volvo service during the last year than I spent on one Chevrolet in 14 years! I've been to the Volvo dealer so many times since we purchased the car new, I am on a first name basis with service peronnel and know about their families, hobbies, etc. I wasn't really looking for new friends when I bought this car. Time to get rid of it before the transmission goes, too.