1993 Geo Prizm reviews from North America

Prizm LSI

I wish they still built it; I would buy another in NY minute

Prizm LSi S4

I love this car, and it only has 79000 miles on it

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Prizm LSI

This is a great starting out car, I love my GEO

Prizm LSI Don't Know

Cheap car, good bang for the buck

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Prizm LSi 1.8

I got my monies worth AND some with this car!

137 words

Prizm Lsi 1.6L

Excellent cheap car

124 words

Prizm 1.6

It was truly a very reliable and fun car to own

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Prizm 1.6L

Excellent Daily Driver

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Prizm Base

I love my Geo Prism (with a Toyota engine)!


I cannot imagine having a better car

Prizm lsi

I wish I had never bought it, I heard it was like a Toyota

Prizm 1.6L

It is a very good car for the money

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Prizm lsi 1.6

20 words

Prizm LSi 1.8L 4

Everything was perfect, then..

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Prizm LSi 1.8

Best cheap wheels

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Prizm LSi 1.6 Inline 4

Reliable, one word sums it up

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Prizm LXI 1.6 liter

Right car for a poor person

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Prizm LSi 1.6 EFI

Lots of life packed into a small space

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Prizm Base 1.6 DOHC FI

Overall great compact car

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Prizm LSi 1.8L

A great starter car for poor people like me!

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Prizm LSi 1.6 liter fuel injected

If you own one, you know what I mean

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Prizm LSi 1.6 liter DOHC

Good car for the family or a teenager and great on gas

90 words

Prizm LSi 1.6 liter

Reliable and relatively cheap

51 words

Prizm LSi 1.8L

A reliable, affordable great buy

52 words

Prizm Standard 1.6 L

Affordable, never leaves you stranded, a great car!

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Prizm LSi 1.8 Liter

Try to find a bad review of it!

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Prizm LX 1.6 DOHC

An economical and reliable car

64 words

Prizm Base 1.6

Unbelievable car for the money

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Prizm LSi 1.8

An insignificant piece of junk that loves money and repairs

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Prizm LSi 1.8

A great buy if you can find one in good shape

49 words

Prizm LSi

Prizm LSi 1.8

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Prizm LSi 1.8

The car is spectacular

41 words



Prizm LSi 1.6

Great car, long lasting, will not let you down

24 words

Prizm LSi 1.6

Good little car

55 words

Prizm LSi 1.8

This is a great car for anyone wanting reliable transportation and a comfortable ride

59 words

Prizm 1.6

75 words, 4 comments

Prizm LSi 1.8

53 words