Tracker 1.6L

I love this car; very reliable, fun to drive, easy to work on

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Tracker 1.6L

I love driving this car

80 words

Tracker LSI 1.6 8v

Extremely reliable offroad vehicle

252 words

Tracker LX 4 cylinder

What a blast to drive!

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Love it!

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I LOVE my little truck!

86 words

Tracker LSI 1.6

Cheap transportation and will appreciate in value as a collectors item

344 words

Tracker LSi 1.6 litre i4 8v

Probably one of the more overall fun vehicles available

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Tracker 1.6L

Less reliable with age, but still goes

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Tracker LS,

It's the cutest p.o.s. I've ever owned

88 words, 2 comments


Highly Reliable, Cheap to Operate

374 words


Legally, the most fun in a car!

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Tracker 4x4 1.6 liter

One of the best things you could spend money on

106 words


Getting high mileage from my Tracker was my single biggest need and I got it

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Tracker Base 1.6 4-cylinder

The most reliability for your money

48 words, 2 comments

Tracker 1.6 4 cylinder

Good looking little 4+4!

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Tracker LSi 2 Door 1.6

Money well spent and very economical

85 words


The best car I have owned.

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Tracker LS 1.6

Great car!!!

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I wouldn't trade my Tracker for anything other than a Harley, sportscars included!

101 words

Tracker LSi 4 cylinder

A true little giant; small but powerful!

92 words


Great starter car for a teen

50 words

Tracker 2 dr. non 4WD 1.7 Liter gasoline

129 words

Tracker 2x4 4 cyl.

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