67 words, 3 comments

Element EX 2.4

Not the best vehicle I have ever owned, but definitely my favourite one

196 words, 2 comments


I love the car

93 words


Love it, but hate getting in on the passenger side

81 words

Element LX


77 words

Element DX

The Honda 2003 Element has a faulty ignition, and the driver's door lock is broken for many owners

304 words, 1 comment

Element EX

Flawed but fun

79 words


Overall good performer

41 words

Element EX

Love the older model, but don't like the so-called improvements, e.g. getting rid of the moon roof

56 words

Element EX 2.4L

Crap in a square bucket!

150 words, 3 comments

Element EX

286 words, 2 comments


Wonderful design, but too many mechanical problems

126 words

Element 4wd EX

Fix the webbing and we'll be happy

244 words

Element LX 4 cylinder AWS

Very useful vehicle, fix the key cylinders

54 words

Element ex 2.4 Gas

A big disappointment

114 words

Element EX 2.4

I love my element

133 words

Element EX 2.4

The '03 Element 2WD isn't safe in the rain

264 words, 1 comment


I would probably buy another Element if the door lock and windshield issues are addressed by Honda.

109 words, 2 comments

Element ex 2.4L

Meets my current needs regarding versatility

123 words


Company does not admit windshield fault

59 words, 1 comment


Good value

108 words

Element ex

Great for work, sport and family

59 words

Element EX4wd 2.4

This car is very practical and economical

69 words


Great versatility, but cracking windshields a major problem

72 words, 1 comment

Element LX

The Element is a good value for the money, but it has problems.

136 words, 3 comments

Element Base Small


63 words, 3 comments

Element EX

Sure it's a cute car but a financial nightmare and whimpy engine.

65 words, 1 comment

Element EX

Until it nearly killed me, I loved it

44 words


I look forward to getting a different car

26 words, 8 comments

Element EX

Excellent car

147 words

Element EX 4 cyclinder

The Element is a great car to run around town in to do errands

301 words, 4 comments

Element EX AWD 2.4 gasoline

My Element fits my active lifestyle perfectly

25 words


Love the car but am now nervous about potential future windshield problems

160 words, 6 comments

Element EX 2.5

Excellent in almost all respects

111 words, 2 comments

Element EX

Great, except for the windshield

68 words, 1 comment

Element EX 2.4

Was hideous, but it really grows on you.

153 words

Element EX

Love the car, can't afford the deductibles for windshield damage

117 words, 20 comments

Element EX 160 HP DOHC

A fun and practical vehicle, but the windshield is a problem

185 words, 2 comments

Element EX AWD

It's a versatile vehicle and a good bargain, but cracking windshields are a problem

151 words, 114 comments

Element EX AWD 2.4

Reliable and fun, but you'll only want to go on short trips

277 words, 3 comments

Element EX 2.6

Good concept, but poor execution

119 words, 35 comments

Element EX 2.4

The perfect all-utility vehicle for sports and business!

450 words

Element EX 4WD 2.4L 4 cylinder

After 3328 miles it still makes me smile!

1581 words, 10 comments

Element EX

Great car, but needs improvement

87 words, 3 comments

Element Y Package 4WD 2.4 L4 i-VTEC

A traveling buddy!!!

27 words