XG300 L V6

A luxurious sporty car

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XG300 L

122 words, 2 comments

XG300 EX

84 words

XG300 V6

Worth the money

170 words


Great value!!

101 words

XG300 3.0L V6

Comfy, big car

226 words

XG300 XG-300 3.0 V6

A great Luxury car that anyone can afford

74 words

XG300 L

You get a bit more than you pay for.

114 words

XG300 XG 300 V6

Dump it

241 words


It's a nice car for day to day travel and long trips; not for sporty or spirited trekking though

159 words

XG300 L

Of the 42 cars I have owned, this one is the best

111 words


Nice car, but repairs are very costly

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XG300 3.0

Drives well for a piece of crap!

101 words, 2 comments

XG300 L

A great value in a near luxury car

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XG300 L 3.0L V6

Hyundai's best kept secret

193 words, 1 comment

XG300 3.0

Thank heavens I have another car to drive!

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Boy, I should have stayed home the day I baught this

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XG300 3.0


151 words

XG300 L 3.0 V6

Yes. A high performance bargain

260 words, 6 comments

XG300 3.0

A big piece of worthless junk

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XG300 L 3.0 DOHC V6

A Wonderful Luxury Car

28 words

XG300 L 192

Hopeful that Hyundai will continue to build a value added priced vehicle that people can trust

125 words, 2 comments

XG300 Base

High performance bargain

42 words, 1 comment

XG300 L V6 3.0 liter

Cool luxury bargain

220 words, 1 comment

XG300 L 3.0 V-6

Near-luxury and good performance in very reasonably priced sedan

77 words, 1 comment

XG300 Base 3.0 V6

One word: WOW!

241 words, 4 comments

XG300 L

It is a great car and wonderful value that simply cannot be equaled

47 words

XG300 3.0L V-6

The most pleasing new car I have ever bought

70 words, 53 comments


XG300 3.8L

Highly recommended

108 words


Solid car for the asking price.

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47 words

XG300 Base 3.0 V6

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