Good car, but starting to have electrical problems...

175 words, 3 comments

X-Type Sport edition 2.5L V6

Good, reliable, all season car

302 words

X-Type Sport 2.5 V6

Don't buy!!!

81 words

X-Type 2.5

Not sure what to make of her yet

244 words

X-Type 3.0 V6

Jag the Junky... You know it's a charm

132 words

X-Type Sport 2.5L

Piece of crap!!!

403 words, 1 comment

X-Type 2.5

I would buy this car again!!

85 words

X-Type 3.0


68 words

X-Type 3.0

Love the car, would never buy anything else

243 words, 1 comment

X-Type 2.5

One word... disappointment!

196 words

X-Type 3.0L

Wish I had done more research before I bought the X-type

217 words

X-Type 3.0

Pretty, expensive, prestigious TRASH!

87 words

X-Type AWD 3.0

Do not buy a used Jaguar -- you are asking for problems

120 words

X-Type 3.0

Never will I buy another Jaguar

72 words

X-Type 3.0L V6

Too many repairs at a high price within low mileage range!!!

153 words

X-Type 2.5 liter

The 2002 x-Type is a lemon

135 words

X-Type Sport 3.0 liter

An amazing mixture of mechanical genius, meeting poor design, and execution of common sense

209 words

X-Type 3.0

The X Type is a heap of excrement that has the audacity to call itself a car

201 words

X-Type AWD 3.0L

This car is of extremely poor quality, and is very unreliable

742 words, 14 comments

X-Type Sport 2.5

Fantastic vehicle, fun to drive!

293 words

X-Type - Sport Track 3.0L

Garbage - I wouldn't give it to my worst enemy!

167 words

X-Type 2.5

Disappointed, disgusted

153 words

X-Type Sport 2.5 Gas

Dream Car with Big Problems

348 words, 2 comments

X-Type 3.0 Sport 3.0 Liter

It's a love affair!

82 words

X-Type 2.5


55 words

X-Type 3.0 Sports

I would never buy a Jaguar. It is an expensive car and you expect good quality

145 words



93 words

X-Type 3.0 3.0L V6

It should have a recall for this transmission

133 words

X-Type 3.0L

Excellent Jaguar engineering

80 words



120 words

X-Type 2.5 Sport 2.5L

94 words, 2 comments

X-Type 3.0

Never this car again!

101 words, 1 comment

X-Type 3.0

Caveat emptor

72 words

X-Type x type 2.5 2.5 liter gas

The X Type was a very good car

72 words

X-Type 3.0

A ripoff

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42 words, 3 comments

X-Type 3.0 Sport 3.0 V6

Quick and fun little luxury car... a lot of bang for the buck... and great looks too!

536 words, 6 comments

X-Type 2.5L

Not a good investment

120 words, 1 comment

X-Type 3.0 std 3.0

A high performance bargain.

97 words

X-Type 2.5 2.5L

A bargain luxury car. Can't find another like it in its class, well, at least not for the same $

157 words

X-Type 3.0 Litre

Fun to test drive, a nightmare to own

253 words, 1 comment


Great looking car, but I hope you don't need to drive it..

105 words, 1 comment

X-Type 3.0

A mechanical nightmare, will not buy another Jaguar, never again!

121 words, 158 comments

X-Type 2.5

A unique value in sport sedans

189 words, 1 comment

X-Type 2.5

A well designed new Jaguar model with serious growing pains

359 words

X-Type 2.5

This car is expensive rubbish - avoid it!

224 words, 46 comments

X-Type 3.0

Looks great, didn't get me home STAY AWAY FROM JAGUAR X-TYPE

254 words, 4 comments

X-Type 2.0

Affordable Jag?...what can I say!

78 words

X-Type 3.0

A Ford Taurus with a jaguar sticker on it

75 words, 5 comments

X-Type 2.5 2.5 Liter V6

Cool, sophisticated car-not a reliable one

58 words

X-Type 3.0

45 words, 1 comment