28th Jan 2007, 20:31

Bought a 2000 De ville with 48,000 miles in November 2005. It now has 72,000. I have the vibration issue, I just replaced the crankshaft sensors, they tell me the catalytic converter needs to be replaced to reset the Service Engine Soon light, supposedly a cracked motor mount and they recommend a $200 emission system flush.

I love the ride... I hate the MAJOR problems... my next car may be a KIA...lol.

7th Mar 2007, 14:58

I bought a 2000 DTS in July of 2005. It had 56000 miles on it. A truly beautiful car to look at and to drive EXCEPT:

The remote control key pad wore out and was replaced at a cost of $300.

The rear air conditioning unit failed and was replaced at a cost of $1500.

The engine blew at 93000 miles with no warning, no oil lights, no service engine lights, no nothing. Afrer the Cadillac dealer offered to replace the engine for $7500 plus labor, and offered no explanation for why the sophisticated on-board computer failed to advise of an engine problem, I had a used engine installed by a reputable independent garage. This cost $4700.

The air compressor went out at 94000 and is being replaced at a cost of $1278.00 as I write this.

This car is a major lemon. Having bought it used, I am stuck with repairs that far exceed the value of the vehicle, while still paying for it. The balance I owe is far more than the car is worth and I am stuck with it...

I am fastidious about my cars, they are always serviced on time and any problems are promptly addressed, but this car is bankrupting me.

I will never own another Cadillac, and I have had four of them previously. I have a 1993 with 148000 miles on it that is still running like a dream.

This 2000 is a nightmare that just won't go away. My only alternative is to park it until I have it paid off then try to get rid of it. I wouldn't wish this car on my worst enemy.

My advice: run away as fast and as far as you can from the Cadillac name plate.

I have of course heard of "idiot" lights, but if they don't even come on to advise of a problem, particularly an oil problem then I am the idiot for relying on them.

Now I begin to see, after being a die hard American made car buyer for over 40 years, why Detroit is in trouble, and why Japanese cars are dominating the American marketplace.

Shame on you, GM, for foisting this kind of workmanship off on the American public and having the audacity to expect us to sit back and take it.

27th Mar 2007, 19:29

I too have a 2000 Deville. I really love the car, but in the last year or so the service engine soon light comes on for a few days, then off for a few days. The engine dies on occasion when slowing down to turn, or at a stop light or sign. A few weeks ago, I was driving at 55mph when the engine cut off...I've read another post that suggests it could be the fuel sensor... any ideas.

30th Mar 2007, 02:12

Okay let me add mine. I have a 2001 Cadillac De ville. It was my first fairly new car and I loved it. Until it started to give me trouble. I had it two weeks, and had to spend 500 bucks on sensors and some type of fuel system flush. A lot of you guys are talking about vibrations over 70. What I did was over inflate the tire to about 38 psi. It went away. There was one guy who said his heated seats didn't work anymore. There are three sensors under the seat. Turn on your heated seats the sensor that clicks twice is for the heated seats. Replace it. Save yourself some money. The stalling, mine does it also I think it is either the throttle body sensor or the fuel sensor. The torque converter problem, Code p0741b, yes I have it also. This is my advice and I'm not kidding because I'm gonna do it. Through your on board diagnostics you can cut the service engine light off due to problems. Turn it off, go to any dealer other than a cadillac dealer, trade it in for anything other than a cadillac and never buy another one. Seriously!!!

8th Apr 2007, 10:55

I have a 2001 Cadillac Deville and the infamous check engine light is on. One of the codes that I am getting is a Map Sensor code. I was told that this is the reason why my car will not crank or goes dead. The first time I noticed this problem is when I went out one morning to start my car and it would not stay crank. After a few tries and holding down the gas it stayed on and ran fine for the next week. Soon after this episode the same thing occurred again, but only this time it happened after a few hours of driving. It starts just fine when I get my day started, but when I shut it off after a few hours of driving it will not crank again. In the event that I do get it started it goes dead at every stop light and stop sign, SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME IT IS JUST THE MAP SENSOR!!!

12th Apr 2007, 06:38

For the people having problems with this car shutting off, it's a sensor they replace I'm not sure which one, it happened to my mother's 2000 deville. Cost was around $500.

Luckily she had a warranty, $50 is all she paid!

12th Apr 2007, 11:00

I own a 2000 cherry deville. Love it beside of course the vibration issue. Drum roll please... have the right wheel hub assembly checked out. I did and I was totally "destroyed". I got a new one assembled in there, drives good, probably 100% next time I get a new set of ridiculously expensive tired put on.

14th Apr 2007, 15:17

I have a 2000 Deville 78k miles. Has had:

New motor mounts- due to vibrations

Two window motors- lack of use I'm told.

AC unit- cause I live in Florida.

Two major turn ups - it's my driving habits, Yea.

Water pump, seals, thermo, and transmission - Florida

3 sets of tires... florida streets.

2 seat heaters- like I use them all the time in florida.

3 fuel filters,4 throttle cleanings,7 4 wheel alignments.

New 3rd light, new radiator and cover,6 sensors, wiper crank

I waited 30 years to own this luxury Cadillac, What a disappointment. All repairs preformed between 30k and 75k.

Still needs all new dash (coming apart) side mirror flaking silver, rear speaker out,3 sensors bad, car dies while driving.

19th May 2007, 22:55

I came onto this page to search for why my 2000 DTS is suddenly stalling. I thought it was the battery that has never been replaced. What a strange place to put a battery.

But I discovered this site and thought I would add my thoughts.

We have not had the vibrations. Bought new tires at Costco three years ago and never had a problem.

Have not had anything not covered by warranty yet except for the front passenger power window motor.

We have had the leak in the trunk some of you mentioned, but my son-in -law searched our problem down or I should say up to the sun roof. It was a drain plugged up there and it ran directly down into the trunk. Now we have to dry and air the trunk.

The sudden stalling is very frightening for me.

I will search it out from all of your suggestions.

I do love my Caddie, but am considering trading for a better gasoline efficient vehicle much as I hate the thought of it.