15th Jun 2007, 16:26

I own a 2000 Cadillac DTS with +100,000 miles on it. The car is a dream in so far as comfort is concerned. BUT @ 82,000 miles I had to have the transmission rebuilt. Somewhere along the way the led lights on the center of the dashboard started going out. It is my understanding individual led lights cannot be replaced: the entire unit must be replaced at a cost of $400 - surely a design error. At 102,000 miles on a trip to MN the "check engine light" came on. Checked with OnStar who did a diagnostic readout on it; they advised I could probably get back to home 1,183 miles away. I did; my dealer says the torgue converter is going bad and needs to be replaced at a cost of $2,500-$2,600. Other than those two items I have been very pleased with this car. But I think both the transmission and the torque converter should have lasted longer - if this is normal for a GM product, it is easy to see why GM is losing business. Quality to me means durability - anything less is unsatisfactory.

23rd Jun 2007, 17:05

The stalling problem would go away if you replace the crankcase positioning sensors, 2 sensors total (part cost is around $120).

25th Jul 2007, 21:49

Well two months later and my 2000 Caddie isn't stalling anymore. We replaced the crankshaft sensors and the fuel sensors, but then it kept having the overheating sensor message come on. So after hundreds of dollars spent on analysis, rental cars, thermostats, etc. they diagnosed cracked heads on a 65,000 mile engine. NO warranty. Now a further $7,000 down, my power sun roof has stopped working and that will be $1400 for the assembly and $600 to install.

For a car that didn't cost me anything for the first seven years, it has certainly made up for it.

HONDA here I come (as soon as I amortize the $10,000 I just put into this one)

31st Jul 2007, 22:28

I just bought a 2002 Deville DTS. I thought I had the worst luck, because the car vibrates at 70 mph. I am getting a new wheel tomorrow and already have 4 brand new Michelin tires. Only 40000 miles on this car. Two new struts, broken motor mount, one new tie rod, one new strut mount, just to name a few of the repairs this car needed.

I now see I am not alone. This is one sweet ride, but it sort of looks like a Chrysler 300. If I can't get the vibration fixed, I will not keep the car, no way! It would drive me crazy. Please help.


21st Aug 2007, 18:42

Thank goodness for this site! I bought an '03 DeVille in Dec 06 (62K miles), and the problems started soon after - including the vibration problem at 65-75 mph through so many of these posts. I'm pleased to say that the trick of inflating the front tires to 40 pounds greatly helped (6 mo old Firestone LH-30's)! It isn't perfect, but a LOT less of a problem. The only problem now is - how do I get the check tire message to quit nagging me?

So far with the car - the passenger door window regulator broke the first week I had it, $260. In March 07, the dash quit blowing air, and the dealer suspiciously knew EXACTLY what the problem was without looking at it. $700 total for the $200 air door motor and labor. In May, the car started idling rough and the computer indicated missing on all cylinders. $400 for a new intake manifold gasket. In June, $260 for another window regulator, this time the driver's door. Now in August, I took it in for a clunky sound when shifting from park and the ** annoying ** vibration. The clunky sound was a broken motor mount, and they replaced a front hub. $860, and that cured the clunk, but left the vibration. I took it back, and GM paid the bill for new control arms, but the vibration remained. They even temporarily swapped wheels with another Caddie. The dealer is promising to "run a search" on the problem. I saw this site today, and tried the extra air trick.

This is my first experience with Cadillac, and the car does impress me. I'd expect some maintenance at this mileage, but the motor mount and intake manifold gaskets are inexcusable. The window regulators are - surprise - plastic frames that snap where the cable attaches. The glass house told me they're a common make across several GM/non GM car lines, and they all have the same problem. When the dealer contacts me again, I'll let the air back to 32 psi and see what solution the dealer recommends, and I'll post back here.

27th Aug 2007, 20:48

I've owned several Cadillacs, and I truly enjoy the ride and comfort. But my present 99' Concourse De Ville keeps warning me about Service Stability System. I've taken it to the dealer on several occasions, and since they can't replicate the error, they send my on my way. But now, the message shows up more frequently. I have googled the "Service Stability System" and it seems as though this issue has been around for a long time. Since '98. Does anyone have a solution?

30th Aug 2007, 15:41

2000 DTS here... Just had the vibration probs last month. PROBLEM= Loose Hub Assembly, Worn down tie rod ends, Needed New Tires. Fixed all of the above and the car runs smooth now.

But Wait... There's more... The problem that I just can seem to escape is my window regulators. The front left window cable snapped last month, just when I fixed it, bang... the rear right window does the same thing... ARRRGHH!

Other than that the cars a beaut!

4th Sep 2007, 09:06

Hello, I have a 2002 De Ville with 47,000. I hava a vibration problem the same as describes at 55-65 MPH. It seems dangerous the steering wheel moves so much. I just installed (4) new tires Yokihama. I tried the tire pressure increase, that didn't work.

The dealer performed a "Road Force Balance" $100.00 with no change. They told me I had a bent wheel and put the wheel on the Left rear.

Rorich Cadillac tells me that that's as good as it gets. NOT Acceptable

I then spoke to GM. They told me I need to replace the bent wheel on the rear of the car to correct the vibration in the front??? They said the dealer although independent are there "Eyes and Ears" I am going through the motions to correct the problem.

I am at the dealer now for the 4th time. And (3) wheel balances later. Along with the wheel replacement the a/c blower motor sounds like a speed boat at high speed. This is the second blower motor in the last year!!! Also the rear suspension makes a grinding /thumping noise while driving or just getting in and out of the car.

I have had two other Cadillac's '91 de ville and '94 concours. With no vibration problems.

This is a Certified car and still under warranty. Does anyone know if the "Lemon Law" applies.


It is no wonder why the Cadillac has LOWEST resale value of any luxury car. These cars don't hold their value for a reason!