2005 Chevrolet Aveo Sport 1.5 from South Africa


A dreadful little car


The brakes started giving trouble within a few weeks after buying the car. The ABS light would come on intermittently, and there would be a shudder when the brakes were applied. I took the car to the dealer, and of course, there was no problem. I went to collect the car, and an ashen faced receptionist, who was told to collect the car from the first floor and drive it down the ramp to me, announced that I couldn't have the car as the brakes don't work!

The problem? Dust on the sensors. They replaced all the sensors and very soon afterwards (the car was serviced at the same time), the problem started up again. Dust on the sensors again? Not trusting my dealer, I tried different repair shops, but they can't find the problem. They tell me it's not dangerous. Probably just dust on the sensors. Not dangerous? Stopping is pretty hair raising. The ABS light is on permanently now, and I'm probably going to have to buy new sensors again - about a year after the previous set.

A day or two after having the sensors replaced, the car suddenly lost power while I was driving. I could barely make it up a gentle hill, trying to get the car off the road. The diagnosis this time? Oil on the spark plugs. Apparently they would have to take the engine apart to find out where the oil came from - lots of cash would be required. I told them I didn't have the cash, so they replaced the spark plugs and told me that it would solve the problem for a day or two, and that I needed to bring the car back very soon. A year later, and the oil seems to have stayed off the plugs.

The engine also revs for no reason, usually in the mornings, but at any other time also - even when your foot is not on the accelerator.

And I've been through quite a few brake lights and head lights. They seem to just burn out - and, no, I don't leave them on overnight, or do excessive night driving.

I really, really, really dislike this little car so much! I did try to return it a week after buying it, but the dealer wasn't very interested in making a deal that wouldn't result in my losing a whole lot of money.

General Comments:

Sluggish and unresponsive.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 8th June, 2010

2005 Chevrolet Aveo from North America


Awesome, reliable, basic!


Nothing has gone wrong with the vehicle.

General Comments:

My Aveo has been problem free for the two years I've owned it.

Bought it used from Chevrolet, came with Carfax, still had a factory warranty when I purchased it.

I commute 120 miles a day sometimes 6 days a week and have put on 60000+ miles in the two years I've owned it.

I've only done routine maintenance such as oil changes, coolant changes, fuel lines cleaned, replaced timing belt, changed spark plugs, changed transmission fluid.

For anyone complaining about this car... you can't just expect a car to work beautifully if you aren't taking care of it!

All GM vehicles need to have the timing belt changed at 60000 miles, so when you complain that at 65000 miles your timing belt snapped and your son put too much oil in, sounds like you shouldn't even have a license or even be allowed to own a car.

Last year Seattle had crazy snow storms, up to 2 feet in some areas. I commute from Olympia to Seattle everyday, and last winter when everyone at work was staying the night for fear of crashing off the road, me and my Aveo were out taking our chances and he didn't let me down!

This car is very basic, good for someone who needs to establish credit because it's relatively cheap and reliable, two things you need.

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Review Date: 12th September, 2009