1995 Chevrolet Blazer LT 4.3 Vortec V6 from North America


This SUV is for somebody who likes problems.


I've replaced three fuel pumps, the complete cooling system, both headlights, the oil pump, and the exhaust from the cat back, and I've only had it for 8 months.

General Comments:

Every week I have to replace something. It's a giant money pit. I had twice the amount of miles and drove the hell out of the Talon and never had a problem. I drive this as perfectly as I can and all this crap breaks. This is the biggest flop Chevy has ever produced.

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Review Date: 10th April, 2004

1995 Chevrolet Blazer LS 4.3 V6 from Norway


The front suspension squeaks. Have tried to give it some grease, but now the sound is back again.

Once in a while, the engine goes crazy. It revs without me touching the pedal, and stalls when the rpm gets too low.

I've tried to give it a fuel treatment (standard gas station product, and then the problems disappears for maybe a couple of months. Could it be the ERG valve?

Other than these problems, the truck seems OK. No other known problems.

General Comments:

Nice mid-size SUV with good winter-driving manors and OK design (for a 95.)

We have almost 7 months of winter here in Norway, so it's almost a public need to have a 4x4 ;) The good thing with the Blazer, is that although it is really not a terrain vehicle. its ground clearance is actually very good. That is a good thing when the snow plows are a bit late here!

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Review Date: 29th February, 2004

15th May 2004, 21:18

A bottle of STP Complete fuel system cleaner every 4th or 5th tank and the rough idling will go away. Has worked for me and only have problems when I forget to use it, but will go away after about half the treated tank is burnt.

1995 Chevrolet Blazer s-10 4.3 from North America


I've owned Chevy's for over 35 years and this will be my last one, ever


Replaced fuel injectors twice.

Replaced fuel pump twice.

Replaced fuel pump pulsater twice.

Replaced gas gauge sending unit.

Replaced door hinge pins, both sides.

Replaced alternator.

It still has an unknown clunking in the right rear which my mechanic can't find or identify.

General Comments:

I hold my breath in the morning while starting to see fit it will start and get me to where I'm going.

Like a rock? You have to have rocks in your head to buy a Chevy.

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Review Date: 2nd November, 2003

1995 Chevrolet Blazer LS Vortec 4.3 from North America


A steal for 2900.00


I had the Blazer for a week before the breaks went. I took them back to the garage that inspected the Blazer and he replaced the front brakes for free.

General Comments:

The seats are very comfortable. The bells and whistles are great. Great pick up and handling. It drives like a new truck regardless of miles.

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Review Date: 10th September, 2003

1995 Chevrolet Blazer LS 4.3 from North America


My last GM vehicle


The alternator has been replace six times.

The EGR valve was replaced at 78,000 and 135,000 miles.

The Fuel injectors replaced at 78,000 miles.

The A/C compressor was replaced at 68,000 and 115,000.

General Comments:

The maintenance cost on this vehicle will exceeds the purchase cost of my Mercury.

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Review Date: 20th August, 2003

1995 Chevrolet Blazer S10 4.3L Vortek from North America


When it runs, it runs like a charm


My EGR valve is continuously plugged up with carbon.

General Comments:

I have found a solution to this, there is a company called Tomco that sells an EGR gasket that comes fitted with a steel mesh screen that is supposed to keep all the extra carbon from reaching the pintle valve. I have ordered it, but have not had the chance to use it yet, I have been told by many that this works wonders!! And after cleaning my EGR twice a week since I bought the truck, and after putting at least $1000 into repairs, hoping ANYTHING would help, I am very excited to try this out! It costs approx. $10 US or $35 Can. This is a lot cheaper that replacing your EGR - TRY IT! It will save you money!

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Review Date: 11th August, 2003

1995 Chevrolet Blazer LS 4.3L from North America


Incredibly dependable, capable, and drive-able SUV


My alternator went out at 170,000 miles.

My water pump went out at 190,000 miles.

My thermostat went out at 210,000 miles.

General Comments:

My S-10 Blazer has reached 220,000 miles and hasn't given me any serious trouble.

With the exception of routine maintenance (tires, oil, spark plugs, etc.) I have spent under $300 on repairs (doing all the work myself).

If you know anything about cars and how to take care of them, this is as tough a vehicle as you will find. My blazer has been through a lot and still runs smoother than my friends 2002 F-150 with 15,000mi.

I would drive it anywhere without thinking twice.

The last 50,000 miles have been pushing over-sized all-terrain tires. Still no problems, no lack of ability.

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Review Date: 2nd July, 2003

16th Sep 2003, 20:22

Can I have your truck!

2nd Mar 2004, 20:29

Having troubles with mine... Will not idle. If I take my foot of the gas pedal it dies. Other than that I am out 4whelling and hunting all the time. Very dependable vehicle.