1997 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 5.7 from North America


It's a import killer and a sexy one at that


Well the car had no real problems. I had the brakes changed when I bought it. Its had the transmission gasket re-sealed. (55000) A headlight went out too. That's about it.

General Comments:

Well the car is just sexy to look at. I bought mine for $7500 and can't find a stock car that can take it for under $12000. It really is in a class of its own with the performance handling opt, better than a Cobra Mustang. Gas mileage isn't great, but I'm use to my cavalier so... I also have made the gas worse by installing SLP headers, exhaust, and cold-air. That dosn't help on gas. Its not a easy car to work on and a headlight will cost you around $50. So be prepared. Over all it's a great muscle car. I love the T-tops. Very fast and fun.

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Review Date: 3rd February, 2005

2nd Mar 2005, 17:04

Naw, man, the sexy one is the '98 and up Camaro, much nicer looking front end..

12th Apr 2005, 22:39

I disagree. I have a 97 and I bought it because it had the new interior and the new rear end, but the old front end. I don't like how high the 98-02 rides. But hey, I'm being picky here, the car is the best deal on the road either way.

24th Oct 2005, 09:40

I own a 97 Camaro and I think it was worth every penny. I also like the 98 and up front ends also, but for the price I paid I love mine. I have owned it for 3 years starting at 52000 miles and now at 85000 no real big problems.

1997 Chevrolet Camaro Z-28 5.7L from North America


Turn it on and hang on!


Needed a pump kit for the auto transmission at about 80K. You will know this is happening when it shifts very hard and starts leaking: Cost is $1,200 including seals, filter change etc. It's at 105K now and no problems.

New ERG valve 90K.

The rest of the repairs have been really minimal; (goes through turn signal lights quickly, loose bolt in convertible roof...that's it!!)

General Comments:

This is the best car I have owned period! I put at least 100 miles a day on it driving to work (over 3 years now.) Gas mileage is great for the horse power it develops. Handling is first class, I have the performance package and the stiffer ride may bother others, to me it's the best! Quick ratio steering is also right on. I feel safer in this car than larger mushier rides. I am also 6' 7" and can easily fit into this rocket. Mods include Flow Master, airfoil, 255 x 50's and K&N. Otherwise this is a stock machine. You cannot find comparable performance for the money (except the Trans Am and the SS Camaro.) Sorry this line was dropped, do we see a re-birth in the future? Lets hope so!

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Review Date: 24th June, 2004

1997 Chevrolet Camaro 3.8 Series II V6 from North America


Mid-level performance with high class looks


Ignition coil died a week after purchasing the car, resulting in a misfire and a flashing Service Engine Soon light. This was replaced under my extended warranty. The problem has not resurfaced.

Car would not start in a city park. This was caused by the wires for the PassKey system breaking or coming loose. This requires the ignition key cylinder to be replaced. Generally, this is a part that needs to be replaced every five or six years due to general wear. The part is relatively cheap, but the labor will kill you ($99 CAD part, $300 CAD labor), and cannot be easily done by a backyard mechanic.

The shock sensor for the factory alarm shorted out, still have yet to replace, trying to find one on eBay. :)

Wipers are messed up. When turning the wipers off, they will park themselves straight up on the windshield, as opposed to going down and sitting neatly at the bottom. Required a replacement of the wiper motor, a VERY EXPENSIVE part (to the tune of $400 CAD), find a used one if you can.

General Comments:

The car, with its 3800 Series II engine, is quick, and can certainly hold its own against most imports you hear buzzing around these days. Thanks to this powerplant's use on the Grand Prix GTP, aftermarket is sprouting up everywhere.

The interior (despite what most say) is very nice. Kinda like a Corvette interior. Black is best. :) The seats are also very comfortable, and will hold you in place for those occasional 40 MPH yield turns. ;)

The exhaust note is nice, although not quite up to par like its V8 big brother.

The car hugs the road with its beefy P245/50ZR16 Goodyear Eagle GS-C tires.

The suspension is not too punishing either, and still provides a nice ride.

The T-Tops do not leak, and are great for... any day in the summer.

If you have snow where you live, as I do, learn this: Respect your throttle. This car is better in the winter than its previous generations, but is still not easy to winter drive. The tires will spin VERY VERY easily and the rear end will choose its own course if you're not careful. Learn to correct when the rear lashes out, and you'll be fine. Also, make sure you have your block heater cables out. I forgot to, and one nice winter day, the snow got moist, then the next day it froze to the tune of -52 degrees Celsius, and I couldn't open the hood because the latch had frozen shut. If you can, get a winter beater.

I love this car, would DEFINITELY buy another one, and next time, I'm getting the LT1.

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Review Date: 1st February, 2004