1997 Chevrolet Camaro Base 3.8 Series II from North America


Unsung Hero


I have had a few issues with this car, but it should be noted that all repairs were done in my own driveway with basic tools, and all of them cost less than 50 dollars in parts.

+ The transmission mount cracked and needed to be replaced upon purchase of the vehicle from the previous owner.

+ Two coil packs have gone out since I purchased the car, but were GM originals, and only cost between $20 - $40 to replace, depending on where you shop.

+ The BCM had to be removed from the dash, and have two connections re-flowed with solder to prevent issues with the stereo turning on and off. Easily done by anyone who can use a soldering iron. Costs nothing.

General Comments:

The 3800 powered Camaro really is an unsung hero. This outrageously affordable car delivers the supreme reliability of the GM 3800 series II that we have all come to respect, along with sporty styling, impressive road manners, and acceptable performance.

The V6 isn't what you would call a "tower of power", but offers more than enough power to have a good time blasting away from the general population at the stop lights, while still returning an easy 29mpg on the highway. Figures I have found put the stock sixers somewhere in the low 7 second area to sixty, and in the low 15s in the quarter. My car with open intake and exhaust easily makes these figures, even with all the years of service.

Perhaps the best part of owning the V6 version of the F-body cars is the ride and handling combination you get. Because the v6 is lighter and seated further back in the engine bay, the car can use a softer, more comfortable suspension setup rather than the "lumber wagon" stiffness of the V8 beasts. The V6 actually rides comparably to a Monte Carlo SS from the early 2000s, but because of a near 50/50 weight distribution, still feels incredibly nimble in the corners.

All in all, I would recommend this car to anyone of any age. It has been reliable and comfortable, but most importantly, it has been quite entertaining.


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Review Date: 9th February, 2012

10th Feb 2012, 21:14

Good review.

Like your trick of re-flowing the solder to address the ECM issues.

The 3800 has become a good engine, despite a rocky start in the early-sixties. Road tests of Camaros/Firebirds with this engine show 0-60 times of 7.1-7.7 seconds, with 1/4 mile times of 15.4-15.9 seconds with trap speeds of 86-88 MPH - good numbers for the mid-nineties when you consider the average fuel economy hovers around 20 MPG.

Good point about the handling given the lighter engine that is seated further back in the chassis. Just wondering if the spark plugs are easier to get to than the V8?

1997 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 SS lt4 5.7 from North America


As much fun as you can have with your clothes on..


Fuse blew twice.

All lights on the car had to be replaced.

Needed a radiator upon purchase of car.

General Comments:

One of my most favorite things about this car is the steering; it's weighted almost perfectly.

It's quicker than almost anything for this price. and then some...

It looks very unique and sexy with its deep set headlights and curves.

I had the choice of this, a supercharged Cobra and a 300ZX twin turbo and a 911. I chose this car over them all. 911 was fast but hideously ugly, the Cobra had no quality at all, and the 300zx was good, but not good enough.

I used to hate Camaros, but after driving this one, I love them, and am excited every day to go places in it. It makes me feel like I am 10, and I love it! It sounds so good as well.

If I dislike anything about this car, it's the freakin electronics in it. The car is sound, but the electronics can really give you a scare! Owning a muscle car can be a pain sometimes, but worth it for sure.

Honestly though, I got in a huge accident where a lady in a Tahoe smashed into me on the freeway, completely destroying my car. Totaled? I wouldn't let them... and I fixed the entire car for $400! Cheap parts and I didn't have a scratch.

This car is special, because you get the sense when they made it, they had sooooo much passion. And I am glad... very very glad...

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Review Date: 30th March, 2010

31st Mar 2010, 13:31

Hard to believe that you chose the Camaro over the others (unless they were all in salvage yards) and that your car was "completely destroyed", yet you fixed it for $400. What did you do, buy a new one? :)

1st Apr 2010, 17:32

No seriously, I just love this damn car so much. The Porsche was faster, but ugly as all hell. The Cobra had way too many problems, as with any Ford.

1st Apr 2010, 17:48

I actually bought the fender and the bumper used for $350, then molded the frame myself. Took about 6 hours, but it looks brand new. Then a new marker light and some touch up paint. $400.