2006 Chevrolet Impala 3LT 3.9 V6 from North America


Great car


Recall on power steering hoses.

Dead battery for no apparent reason.

General Comments:

I love my '06 Impala. From the posts it looks like a lot of people have dealer problems more than car problems.

My car has the tapping noise at idle - I'm glad to hear other cars have it too. It doesn't really bother me - I was just a little concerned.

I don't have any problems with the vibration during braking, but my employer has a whole fleet of '07 Impalas, and most of them vibrate when braking. I think it has a lot to do with how hard the brakes are used. I will downshift on a steep grade rather than use my brakes, and make sure I let up on them a lot to keep them from overheating.

When I first got the car, the remote range was amazing. It's not quite as good now, but OK. Even a new battery in the remote doesn't make it as good as it used to be.

I haven't noticed any problems with rough shifting. It vibrates a little if I put it in gear immediately after starting, but smooths out after a few seconds.

I did receive a recall notice on the power steering hoses, and the dealer replaced them. I never did have any leakage from them like the recall stated. These hoses always leaked on my previous car, even after I replaced them.

One problem I do have is that the battery has died a couple times for no apparent reason. The car wouldn't start this morning. The battery isn't completely run down - all of the lights come on, but the starter only clicks when I turn the key, and the DIC cycles through random error messages. This happened once before, and after a jumpstart the car ran fine. It has been about a year since the last time this happened. Has anyone else had this problem?

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Review Date: 27th May, 2009

26th Aug 2009, 20:34

The tapping sound you are hearing happened to me. I brought it to my dealership and they were able to fix it. It turned out to be hoses inside the dash near the fire wall. It was covered by GM. Other than this issue, I also love my Impala with the 3.9. Strong motor, great power, decent fuel econ and comfort.

3rd Dec 2009, 19:34

I have also had three dead battery problems on my Impala 2006. It's always explained, but I believe there is some underlying problem. I was told to start my car every week and leave it running. What do I do when I am in the hospital; come out every week to start it? Any answers?

2006 Chevrolet Impala LT 3.5 V6 from North America


Very average car, nothing special


Had electrical issues when I got it.

There is a ticking noise when it idles, but that's not a big deal.

General Comments:

The 3.5 liter is very very slow.

The sound system is amazing and the aux. input is really nice.

The car rides pretty decent.

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Review Date: 26th April, 2009

2006 Chevrolet Impala LT 3.9 V6 from North America


Worst car I've ever owned!


Power steering line blew off in driveway at 49K miles.

48K miles - Transmission lines leaked, causing low fluid and burnt clutches in tranny. Repaired but still slips.

38K miles - Water pump had to be replaced after twice losing so much coolant the heater wouldn't work. Dealer refilled reservoir the 1st time and said to "Keep an eye on it".

35K miles - Replaced tranny mount and two engine mounts, trying to stop vibration. Still vibrates badly.

Right front hub assembly and steering gear had to be replaced at 31,989 miles.

Intermediate shaft had to be replaced at 28,307 miles.

Tire pressure monitor system has never worked properly, despite three attempts by the dealer to fix it.

Front rotors warped badly from one hard stop with passengers.

Constant ticking in engine at idle, plus annoying "throb" when sitting still at idle in gear. Very bad hesitation from stop. Dealer - " All normal!"

General Comments:

I bought this GM Certified (joke) car with 21K miles on it because my wife loved it. I have owned over 30 vehicles in my life. This is by far the biggest piece of junk of all of them.

My '94 Chrysler LHS had 118K miles on it when we bought the Impala. It now has 152K and the only thing I've replaced on it is a thermostat and a set of tires.

GM DESERVES to go under! They make the worst cars on the planet, period.

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Review Date: 22nd January, 2009