1992 Chevrolet Lumina Z34 3.4 Twin Dual Overhead Cam from North America


An attractive car with good performance, although it is expensive on repairs..


Front brakes wear out relatively quickly on this model (every 14k miles or so)

Alternator is expensive to replace due to length of time needed to remove and re-install (replaced at 50k miles)...

Build quality not up to imports.

General Comments:

The engine and transmission are solid; the car feels stable at highway speeds, giving the driver a feeling of confidence.

The cloth seats have held up well in the 10 years I've owned the vehicle, but the build quality is only so-so. For example, when you shut the doors on this car, they do not have the solid feel of mid-size Japanese imports.

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Review Date: 8th July, 2002

1992 Chevrolet Lumina Euro Sport 3.1 Multi Port FI from North America


The Lumina can take anything you dish out.


Fuses would blow when you would put on the brakes. Only because stupid phone company drilled a screw in the brake wire.

Replaced power window motors ourselves about 3 times (both sides) and now passenger side isn't working again.

Driver's side door handle broke.

Rear View mirror won't stay on the windshield.

Parking brake broke under driver's side door.

Original transmission went at 110,000.Replaced it with a friend's recommendation on who to do it.

Second transmission went at 153,000.Geez, not going back to that guy. Car sat for a whole year until we put another in it, and it cranked right up like it was nothing.

Brake sensor switch doesn't work well, brake light stays on unless you pull up the brake manually with your foot.

The whole instrument panel doesn't even light up anymore. Lights outside and turn signals all work normally, but no lights inside. I disconnected the fuse and bought blue lights that plug into cigarette lighter, ha ha.

General Comments:

Let me tell you, this Lumina is a beast. We have used and abused this car and it keeps on kicking. We didn't even replace the original tires until 105,000. Oil changes have gone as far as 15,000.We have replaced hoses and minor stuff, but hey, its old. Motor still has plenty of power and since the catalytic converter is loose inside, this car is LOUD. The suspension will keep up with Mustangs and Camaros and my dad even keep up with a 92 Mustang GT in a light to light race. But it only had about 40,000 miles then. This is a great car and reliable if you take care of it in some way or another. Great car for high school or for second car to drive the crap out of.

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Review Date: 3rd May, 2002

14th Jan 2004, 23:30

I know of three other people besides myself tht have all had the same problem with the lights on the interior, but when taken to a dealer to diagnose the problem it just seems to be a waste of money. I gave up I just rigged a little light on the dash to see how fast I was going at nightbut I learned to live with the problem.

1992 Chevrolet Lumina APV from North America


For a mini-van, great handling, acceleration, unique style and impressive and smooth riding


Well, when we first go the van, the transmission went on us. It cost $1,000 to fix, but being that we only paid $2,000 for it, it was still a steal. Due to the bad road conditions in NJ, we have had to get the front wheel bearings replaced ($500) and this was all in the first month (we bought from a dishonest used car salesman).

Now the only thing wrong with it is the power steering hose which needs to be replaced, but is not a costly repair.

However, since we fixed those things, a year ago, the Lumina has been extremely dependable. The inside has been easy to maintain, and what a comfortable ride the van offers. I have been told I drive it like a sports car, so that goes to show it handles and accelerates beautifully.

General Comments:

I have always been apprehensive about buying domestic cars. They have bad reputations for not being built as well as their foreign counterparts. However, this van was a great buy. We have gotten plenty of use out of it and expect to continue taking trips in it for years to come (really)!

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2002

17th Mar 2008, 14:18

I own two Chevy 92 Lumina APVs & 1 92 Olds Silhouette. I shipped them from various parts of the country as one owner vehicles. These are in my opinion the best idea GM ever had. They are easy to work on, dependable & the bodies can't rust. They have a great ride & are versatile for hauling people & cargo. I bought my first 92 Chev Lumina new & sold it at 10 yrs old & regretted it ever after. I bought these in 2007 as low mileage originals & just love them. I drive them daily after making a few needed repairs.