1995 Chevrolet S-10 LS ext. cab Short box 2.2L 4 cylinder. from North America


The yellowest sourest lemon Detroit has made to date


Transmission, Clutch, Starter, Radiator, Water and Fuel pumps, Power steering Pump, Rear Differential, Drive shaft U-joints, Head and head gasket, and if that were not enough, split the block and dropped antifreeze into the oil pan.

General Comments:

Truck handled quite well after antisway kits were installed, slowly, but nicely. terrible wind noise at speed on the expressways, but a very comfortable truck, too bad it was so poorly built.

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Review Date: 30th April, 2004

15th Dec 2004, 19:25

Hmm, I just bought my fourth S-10 yesterday. It's a 1995 Short Box, 4x4 too. It has NO wind noise whatsoever, and it only has 207,000 miles on it so far! No wind noise, just like the '84, '88, (which I still own), and the '91 that went before it. NO wind noise in any of them. Maybe it has something to do with your handling issues?

P.S. If I'd bought any of these new and they had ANY wind noise, it would have been the dealer's baby the next day.

28th Dec 2005, 08:53

If not a lemon, the 1995 Chevy s-10 ls ext cab Short-box is an orange at best. I have experienced the same problems as one of the other owners in this review. After three years ownership the block cracked causing antifreeze to leak. Replaced engine. Replaced clutch. Replaced heater core. The list goes on and on. The 2.2L engine just can't handle all of the functions intended. I would buy the V-6.

1995 Chevrolet S-10 blazer 4.3 from North America


Like a one legged man in a butt kicking contest


First the domino effect. Starter battery and alternator. (approx $300 all new)

Then the catalytic converter (125.00 new OEM)

Next comes the lines to the remote oil filter (the one to the radiator $60)

Now comes the kick in the crotch. No 4 wheel drive and currently there is about 2 feet of snow outside.

I checked the fuse, nothing wrong there.

When you go from 2wd to 4hi, nothing. In neutral from 2wd to 4lo, no problem. just a slight thud.

Getting a little frustrated about now. No price tag on this just yet. will have to update later.

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Review Date: 3rd February, 2004

1995 Chevrolet S-10 LS 2.2L four cylinder from North America


Good for basic hauling and everyday driving


Transmission needed $600 repair at 75,000 miles.

Driver's side balljoints and entire front end needed replacing at 87,000 miles.

Muffler replaced at 70,000 miles.

Catalytic convertor replaced at 95,000 miles.

Spare tire winch broke off (albeit when going over a speed bump).

Windshield wiper motor failed at 60,000 miles.

General Comments:

It's very easy on gas.

It seriously lags when accelerating, particularly going up hills.

The transmission makes an odd scraping noise when accelerating (has since I first owned it), but this doesn't appear to affect performance and didn't change in any way after the above repair.

Outside of the above things, it's a pretty reliable truck... gets me where I need to go without eating much gas.

You can haul light cargo without it batting an eye. I did once haul a half-ton of mulch in it, but very soon after that the transmission failed and needed the aforementioned repair... not recommended.

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Review Date: 12th June, 2003

1995 Chevrolet S-10 Standard 4 cylinder from North America


S10 not Toyota tough!!!


I have replaced AC pump, catalytic converter, muffler, brakes, starter.

It now needs the clutch replaced, which I guess is realistic at 120,000. The windshield wiper motor has been replaced twice, under warranty each time.

General Comments:

The got a good deal on the S10 when I purchased it, and why not, there are used S10 everywhere for sale!!! It is the first American vehicle that I have owned in 15 years and probably the last. I'm looking at Toyota's again. The overall quality is lacking.

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Review Date: 7th April, 2003

1995 Chevrolet S-10 6 cylinder from North America


A reliable vehicle with some unfortunate engineering flaws


The entire fan belt mechanism came loose and broke off at 34,000 miles.

My transmission went out at 36,000 miles.

The master brake cylinder lost pressure and needed replacing at 40,000 miles.

The windshield wiper motor has been unreliable.

My oil cooling lines busted at 106,000 miles.

General Comments:

Overall, a pretty reliable vehicle except for these few and far between problems.

It seems like the S10 series has several design flaws which they refuse to recall.

I would probably buy again, since my problems haven't been as bad as others I've read about.

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Review Date: 21st February, 2003

26th Jun 2003, 08:07

THere has since been a recall of the wiper motor.