1995 Chevrolet S-10 LS 4.3 TBi from North America


U-joint, driveshaft, shocks from normal wear and tear, and tires from burn-outs.

Gas mileage isn't too good, but can tolerate for the power of the motor. Far better than the 4.0L in the Ranger. Things happen to all cars especially how you drive them. For me I love the domestic vehicles.

General Comments:

Most wear and tear is from hot rodding. If I don't hot rod it is an excellent truck. Feels sturdy and well built. Also I definitely suggest the conversion package that you can get from Tiara. Also aftermarket exhaust systems with dual 3.5in x 18in tips sound very well (makes it sound intimidating for the truck) with that motor.

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Review Date: 24th June, 1999

1995 Chevrolet S-10 Pickup LS / 2 WD 4.3L V-6 from North America


-Right front suspension squeaking.

-Water leaking through top of doors.

-Drivers door panel came off.

-Leather peeled off off steering wheel.

-Rear speakers came loose & rattled.

-Universal joint had to be replaced.

-Differential is currently receiving new gears, etc., at the dealership due to R/R axle noise.

General Comments:

This truck was purchased new in August 1995. It has been highway & city driven. 67,000 Kilometers are on the odometer.

Judging by the problems I've experienced with this truck, Chevrolet has yet to get their act together. I originally intended to by an S-10 ZR2 4WD. Now I'm glad I didn't. All cars can experience problems from time to time, but my experience has been ridiculous. Never, ever will I consider buying a North American vehicle again. The dealership has fixed the problems but I had to fight in order to get replacement transportation while my truck was in the shop being repaired. Extended powertrain warranties aren't always a bad investment.

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Review Date: 23rd August, 1998

2nd Dec 2003, 10:30

I am from western Oklahoma and own a 1995 s-10 blazer. It currently has 167,000 miles. I have never replaced anything, but the tires, air filter and oil. Sorry to hear of your troubles, but my s-10 Blazer is a super vehicle and it's 4 wheel drive. I drive it like a idiot and she keeps going.

26th Feb 2008, 20:00

180,000 miles on my S-10 2wd 5spd truck other than normal maintenance I put pinion bearings and a u-joint in it. oh yeah a blower motor last winter as well. LOL!

I race a motorcycle at the drag strip all summer long and tow the bikes with the truck. Yeah the truck has had the crap beat out of it on the strip as well LOL!!!

It ran 16.62 at 84 mph with the air cleaner lid upside down.