2000 Chevrolet Silverado LS 5.3 from North America


Luv my truck!!!


365,000 miles on truck as of 7/1/2012.

Motor, front end, body, u-joint, and all the interior are original.

130,000 miles, windshield replaced.

300,000 miles, transmission wore out.

120,000 miles, A/C replaced.

280,000 miles, water pump and alternator replaced.

Fuel pump replaced 3 different times.

21 MPG on the highway.

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Review Date: 1st July, 2012

4th Jul 2012, 20:58

I had a 2001 Silverado with the 4.3 V6. Great truck with zero reliability problems. Sold it at 120,000 miles to a neighbor, and he's had it 5 years without any major issues. Bulletproof.

2000 Chevrolet Silverado LT Z71 5.3L V8 from North America


Good truck with some quality issues


The rear main seal leaks a little bit.

Nothing has gone wrong with the truck since I bought it, other than a bad map sensor and intake manifold gasket.

General Comments:

The truck is pretty solid and reliable. The ride quality is fairly good and the 5.3L has a decent amount of power (I wouldn't go as far to say impressive though). I have the LT trim, so it has heated/power leather seats, and they are very comfortable around town and on long trips. Overall, it's a very solid reliable truck, BUT...

The quality of engineering on these trucks is just pathetic!

Let's start with the brakes; they have such a long mushy travel that ups the pucker factor every time I have to do an emergency stop... I wanna meet the jerk off that said "yup, brakes are good, send it into production"

Next let's talk about the infamous "clunk" upon stopping and accelerating. Chevy engineer's great minds came up with a nickel plated slip yoke to stop the clunk... well that doesn't solve it now does it?! (just masks the real problem). Their new trucks continue to do this as well. None of those guys figured it's actually axle wrap that is the problem, and it can be fixed for good with a pair of $15 spring clamps.

Shall we move on to piston slap? Nothing like having a nice truck that sounds like a fricking diesel when you start it in the morning! GM says it's "normal"... It's not normal; they just don't wanna pay to fix the issue!

So how bad is your truck rusting? Seems like 9/10 of these Silverados have the rocker panels completely rusted through, along with the bed above the wheel wells! Once again, slumping on quality materials..

Overall, it's a very nice reliable truck, but you're sure to have a few of these quality issues that drastically reduce resale value, and can be quite annoying or even embarrassing. These problems don't turn me off from Chevy's altogether, but if I were to buy another one, I would test drive it for a full day or two just to make sure it's a good one.

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Review Date: 2nd May, 2012

2000 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 5.3 Vortec from North America




The only thing that went wrong with this truck was the fuel pump at 198000. And the A/C belt at 244000. Other than that, it's the most reliable car or truck I've ever had, and that's pretty big, because I've owned well over 25 cars.

General Comments:

A bit low on mpg, but it's a hog that never quits. I highly recommend it.

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Review Date: 4th November, 2010

2000 Chevrolet Silverado LT 5.3L from North America


I can only think of one problem with the truck, the fuel pump is about to go, and GM's piston slap problem. It doesn't affect performance.

General Comments:

This truck serves us well. We use it in the city, at the deer lease, and everywhere in between.

Unlike most people, we have had no problems with this truck until now at 145000 miles. The fuel pump is getting ready to go, but we'll put the money and work into it, and it'll be going strong again.

As for GM's piston slap problem, it has it, but since it developed it, we have noticed no decline in the performance of the truck. We also get 21 mpg on the highway.

These trucks, and I suspect most trucks (even the foreign ones if you want to take that route) will last more than their lifespan as long as you keep them maintained and lubed properly.

A/C blows cold as the day we got it, and it tows our 21ft boat perfectly.

We like everything about this truck, and will probably continue to buy from GM if this truck ever quits on us.

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Review Date: 29th September, 2010