2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer LTZ Inline 6 from North America


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Just a summary in particular order:

Taillights didn't work (recall)

Front-end squeak (currently fixing for the 3rd time)

Rattle in passenger door

Rear A/C fan went bad

Rear wiper arm went bad

Rear main seal leaked, causing transmission slip

New tires (old ones were weathered and Michelin paid 55% toward new)

Lighter socket wouldn't work

New front wiper motor.

General Comments:

Mostly minor problems, the squeak is very annoying since they've fixed it so many times.

Otherwise love the truck. Decent gas mileage especially for an SUV, awesome options come with the LTZ model, very good power, sharp looking, decent resale for an American car.

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Review Date: 9th February, 2005

2nd Aug 2006, 10:48

I have a Trailblazer that had a front-end squeak as well. After taking it to the dealer twice, I learned that it was simply the rubber "bumpers" under the hood that make the noise rubbing against the metal hood. I just apply grease that I bought from a parts store and it has been great ever since - I just reapply when the noise comes back (more often in cold weather)

This may be your problem. Good Luck!

2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer LS Inline-six from North America


It is one problem after another


The radio shorted out and smoked up the interior and pulled in a Fire Station to check it. Thank goodness it was about 2 blocks away.

The wiper motor was recalled as it was acting up.

The tail lights were blown bulbs (4) to be exact.

At 27000 miles it makes a clunking noise when you slow down and take off again. I had the dealership take a look and they said it was normal. I told them it was like a bad universal joint. They said it was OK.

I went to replace the brake pads on the rear of vehicle at 52000 miles only to find that both Rotors were separating and needed to replace both. mind you that over a 1/4 th of an inch of pad was still on the bad side.

Something in the front end needed to be tighten.

On occasion this winter the 4-hi switch did not engage had to use all-wheel drive or 4-lo.

General Comments:

I have not experienced a better ride or handling from any other vehicle, but it is hard to trade comfort for reliability.

The front passenger is out of touch with controls.

The durability of the suspension is very poor. We live off a mile of somewhat of a rough road and loss the comfort of the ride in one year it still rides good, but nothing like it use to.

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Review Date: 17th January, 2005

17th Feb 2005, 11:43

Same clunking happened to me eventually Reverse didn't work anymore had Tranny replaced!

2002 Chevrolet TrailBlazer LS 4.2 from North America


Smooth, extremely comfortable, roomy and powerful


I purchased this vehicle 1 month ago. The only problems noted so far is an electrical short somewhere that disabled all of the window switches and power lock on the drivers door. The power mirror switch still works (?). The radio get very, very hot, but no problems (yet). The paint has cracked off of the radio knobs. I wish it had more storage on the console for sunglasses instead of 3 cup holders (?).

General Comments:

I love this vehicle. I sold my Grand Cherokee the minute after I test drove the Trailblazer. The ride is awesome- very smooth, more powerful (275hp) and solid feel. The interior is nice and not too cluttered. The seats are far more superior than the Jeep or Explorer. I have the LS version fewer bells and whistles (no outside thermometer, no trip computer, no sunglasses storage, no overhead console, a lever-sliding switch vs digital pushbutton controls on AC, and no sunroof: all which I can live without. It feels like much more room (leg, storage and seat) than the Cherokee or Explorer. Lots of power accessories and outlets (front, middle and rear).

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Review Date: 19th October, 2004

28th Dec 2004, 23:41

I too am loving my new LS. This is my first Chevy and I test drove everything else comparable to it before buying it. The ride is incredible and it's a very comfortable vehicle. I especially like the power of the L6. Very smooth and more than capable. Highly recommended at 22,000 miles already.