25th Aug 2010, 12:13

The ONLY reason GM is doing better these days is because they are now selling a lot of cars in China. They are actually selling more there than they do in the US. Almost all of these are both designed and built in China. What's more, a lot of Chinese engines are now in the GM products you buy... like the engines in the GM Equinox for example, where a whole ton of those engines came improperly flushed, and thus they rotted out from the inside prematurely.

25th Aug 2010, 12:24

"Before misquoting facts you so badly want to be true, you gotta research things."

I did.

J. D. Powers ranks ALL domestic vehicle manufacturers ahead of Toyota.

Ford outranks even Honda.

The Dodge Ram is Truck of the Year, the Ford Fusion is Car of the Year, the Ford F-150 is (after 33 YEARS) STILL the best-selling vehicle on the planet, and there are more domestic vehicles in the top three slots in overall quality than ANY Japanese car maker.

The Ford Escape hybrid is rated the top small SUV on Earth and the Fusion is rated higher in reliability than Camry or Accord by Consumer Reports (for 5 years now).

Sales of the Chevy Corvette increased 300% in EUROPE after showing that they were infinitely superior to over-rated European cars on the racing circuit.

The longest-lasting gas-fueled vehicle ever featured in Consumer Reports was a Ford, there are NO Japanese gas-fueled vehicles in the Million Mile Club, but there ARE two domestics (Ford and Cadillac), and GM is currently outselling ALL auto makers handily while repaying the government loans WITH INTEREST (just as Chrysler did in the 80's).

If you need more facts I can get them easily. This is just a small sampling.

25th Aug 2010, 14:51

Um, yeah, that line you so conveniently quoted was about the book values and how Toyota is still ahead of Ford.

I don't care about J.D. Powers and other sources, and like I said, they haven't anted up for all the repairs on their so called top ranked vehicles that I have had to pay for. Domestics are junk, imports are more refined and better quality all around... in my personal experience. No survey can tell me different, especially one like J.D. Power... Funny how people think a company on the brink of failure that STILL has many internal problems can suddenly build the best ranked cars on the planet... If you believe that nonsense, I got a bridge to sell ya! Oh, that's right, we all live in America, you know the place were every business is honest and upstanding. No one would ever lie about anything to make themselves seem better now would they? The government is involved in the auto business now... did you forget that? How would they have their cars ranked when they are so close to failing?? Yeah, exactly!

25th Aug 2010, 19:29

This post makes me laugh. I was in my RAV 4 talking on the phone the other day and the person on the other end had no problem hearing me. I had the sunroof open, 3 out of the four windows all the way down, including mine AND I was doing 70 on the highway. Maybe it's time to trade in that Startac huh? I just love how people go to such lengths to make some argument for what they think is a better vehicle. There really isn't any car made today including a low end econobox that is loud enough to interrupt a cell phone call. That is ridiculous! The car savvy friend comment just tops it off. Anyone who is really car savvy would know the Toyota is superior to any Ford, regardless of what J.D. Powers says about them.

25th Aug 2010, 20:39

"there are NO Japanese gas-fueled vehicles in the Million Mile Club"

Really? Not "According" to this site:


This Honda Accord has 1,081,382 miles. Maybe the other commentor was right, you need to get your facts straight!

26th Aug 2010, 08:25

Isn't the record holder a Swedish car?? Volvo right??

26th Aug 2010, 08:27

Scroll up and read my post from August 24th...

26th Aug 2010, 10:06

"Sales of the Chevy Corvette increased 300% in EUROPE"

... probably because for starters, Corvette sales actually ceased in the UK and several other EU countries in 2008-2009. Before then the only place you could buy a Corvette in the EU was at a Cadillac dealership, of which there are very few of. Very few Cadillacs sell in Europe, and even fewer Corvettes. Thus it doesn't take many sales to fluff up the numbers.

Anyway, you can keep on believing that Ford and GM makes a better product, but I'm sticking with Toyota, thank you. I've never had a lick of problem from anything I've owned from any of the products I've bought from them. Thus I have little reason to switch, and most people like me are likely in the same mindset.

26th Aug 2010, 10:50

These rants about foreign vs. domestic are really funny. What everyone needs to do is thoroughly read all the posts on this forum about foreign cars and domestics. It is nearly a 50/50 split on good to bad experiences for both types of cars. For everyone that has a 500K mile Honda, there is a 500K mile Chevy. Same holds true for problem vehicles... about a 50/50 split.

All car companies are now global, which means they have mixed parts from all different sources. How much of the domestic car parts do you think come from China??? How many Japanese parts are American made? (which incidentally caused Toyotas problems!)

To argue about what is good and what is bad is pointless, when every manufacturer takes the lowest bid for parts production, and builds the cars to the cheapest point they can to get them out the door onto a showroom floor. It really is luck of the draw whether you have a good or bad experience with any given vehicle brand. Read the posts and reviews on here, and you'll see that it is true.

Shouldn't you just drive what you like, and not worry about what everyone else thinks is better or worse? It is interesting to read everyone's posts about their actual experiences with vehicles good or bad. It is annoying to hear people that have been buying one brand for their entire life post rants about brands they know nothing about, because they have never owned one. They go on about ratings and reviews without having any real experience with the brands they continually trash. Isn't that a waste of time??

26th Aug 2010, 15:56

Wrong, the longest running car is a Volvo at around 2 million miles. Who cares about Consumer Reports. Everyone thought they were paid off by the import companies five years ago... but now they are the word of God, since they rate domestics so high. Give me a break!

Plus you keep going on about GM and their repaying of government loans. They are OWNED 61% by the government!!! I guess the government is paying itself off then huh?? Actually they are repaying the loans... with other loans granted by... yep, the government. Awesome way to do business. Good to support them. I am sure they are paying interest too, so they can write that off somehow in their favor.

And once again... and for the last time, the sales figures are heavily skewed by rebates and other incentives that you won't find on imports. In this economy, people shop for the best deal, not the dream car. Why is that so hard to understand?? Even the dealers will tell you that their sales are skewed because of that fact!! Move on!!