2001 Citroen Saxo VTR 1.6i from UK and Ireland


Not good


Where do I start!! I had the car from new and it give me trouble from the start. it blew the head within a week and I didn't rev it any more than 7000rpm. it done approx 180 miles to a tank of petrol and I wouldn't mind that if the car was powerful, but I have driven quicker straight diesel 306s. it was like sitting in a puddle hopper it was that bumpy of a ride!! my friend reckoned I should have bought a 306 for the looks and the power and now I know that I should have listened to him...

General Comments:

Very slow... done about 0-60 in about 3 days which I hear isn't bad!!! leaks oil frequently. had to put a clutch in it at 3500 miles.

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Review Date: 2nd February, 2007

6th Feb 2007, 12:11

If it can rev to 7000 rpm then someone has removed the limiter. Revving it too 7k can blow the head anyway. Sounds like you bought a bad one, gotta be really carful when it comes to buying VTR's, most are ragged. A good example, like mine... will be quicker than a diesel 306. Although I still don't recommend you buy another. Great fun, but they always go wrong it seems. I've been lucky with mine. Try a 106 gti.

6th Feb 2007, 14:28

7000 revs is way too high for a VTR. I've got a 106 XS, which has an identical engine to the VTR mk I and mine revs to 5800. Seeing as yours is a 2001, it must be a mk II. The only performance difference between them is a redesigned manifold which gives an extra 5 bhp. From what I know, VTR mk II's are limited to 5900 rpm. So you taking it up to 7000 revs is of course going to blow the head.

2001 Citroen Saxo Furio 1400I from UK and Ireland


Totally Reliable and Fun to Drive


Have only had the car a month so nothing has gone wrong yet. Bought the car with Years MOT and Full Service History.

The only thing I have noticed is a small clinking sound on the rear axle as if a piece of metal is banging lightly on another piece of metal.

Also the clutch has to be pulled to near the top before you can pull away. Although I have had this checked and the mechanic said there is nothing wrong.

General Comments:

Its fairly nippy for a 1.4, obviously not as fast as the VTR/VTS. I was going to Get a VTR, but my insurance company would not insure anybody under 21 on that make of car. People say the furio is for people who cannot afford a VTR/VTS, which is complete rubbish. I could easily afford a VTR/VTS, but the insurance would kill me. Plus the fact I would burn much more petrol, which I do not want to do.

Even though it is an injection it is pretty good on fuel. I did 400 miles this week (300 were motorway) and I used about £35 of petrol, which to be honest is pretty good.

It pretty roomy inside and fairly comfortable. Electric Windows are a bonus, will be in the summer anyway. Also has got remote central locking.

The car starts first time, every time, even on zero degree mornings when totally iced up. I have had five cars in two years and this is by far the best. I have only had it for a month so will have to see what happens in the long run, but at the moment I cannot complain because I have had no problems at all (touch Wood).

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Review Date: 28th January, 2007

29th Jan 2007, 03:08

I don't know how you can say the car is totally reliable when you have only had it for one month. Maybe after a year or two you can write about it's reliability, but 1 month is too soon.

29th Jan 2007, 06:01

Read the last 3 lines of the review again. They've said that themselves.

29th Jan 2007, 11:40

VTR's arn't bad on petrol, just keep the revs low.

10th Mar 2007, 10:28


Have found that the clinking noise is the centre cap from one of my alloys come loose and was rattling slightly. Popped this back in and problem solved.

Also took the car back to the garage about the clutch and they replaced it free of charge. Saved me £250 quid so very happy.

Had the car 3 months now and no problems so far other than the above.

28th Oct 2007, 14:34

I've had a Furio for the past 12 months, and I have had one problem, the power steering pump. It keeps seizing, I have had a new one fitted and still have problems; I have found a good whack with a hammer does it for a few months. That may just be my car though...

Other than that it runs perfectly!

Starts first time every time in the snow, rain, wind, sun and ice!