2000 Daewoo Lanos SE 1.6 from North America


Only buy this car if you enjoy spending all your time in the shop


Constant problems with the transmission - it is constantly having shift problems and it locks its self out on a regular basis.

My headlight wiring burned up and I had to replace it myself.

It took 3 months to get a replacement fuel filter which had to be replaced 2 times.

My air conditioning has consistently leaked and soaked the passenger side (front and back) of my auto. Not on one, but on at least 9 occasions.

I have gone to several different dealerships for repairs, and although it can be for the same problem, each shop will give me a different reason for the problem.

My tires were bald at 15 thousand miles.

My engine light is always coming on, yet the repair tech cannot seem to locate any problem.

It is also blowing oil from the exhaust, although I have been told a number of times by the tech that this is normal (yeah right).

General Comments:

I have not found one reason to recommend this car to anyone, except perhaps for the durable paint job.

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Review Date: 28th August, 2001

13th Jan 2002, 11:25

There was a recall on all Lanos Models manufactured between Dec. 1999-Nov. 2000. The wiring harness was located on the passenger side, underneath the carpet. When this got worn - of course the car had all sorts of problems related to the main wiring harness. They have now moved that harness to the side.

4th Dec 2004, 02:07

What do you expect when you buy a cheap foreign car with an automatic transmission?

2000 Daewoo Lanos SE Shine 1.5 gas from Belgium


Budget and sporty


Both doors had water seeping through. Dealer replaced rubbers.

Car has bad alignment, although easy to handle and sometimes very light.

Dashboard light gave up.

When driving fast the noise is very low! However, lots of noise from wind.

General Comments:

It's a good car, nice design, the Shine version is sporty and I like it in general. I had a bad experience with the dealer though. Not much help.

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Review Date: 9th July, 2001

2000 Daewoo Lanos Hatch 1.6 DOHC from North America


Great performance and handling



General Comments:

I just added a new performance filter, strut bars, neon and fog lights, a high performance spoiler and I will say that it runs perfect. My plans now are to turbo charge it and add Nitrous, also I will add a high performance muffler but I would like to know if anyone knows where can I find ground effects for it.



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Review Date: 24th June, 2001

16th Aug 2001, 09:28

I just purchased a Daewoo Lanos SX and I am currently looking for ground effects, turbo, and any other accessories. Can someone please point me in the right direction? Thank you.


Shaun Duffy.

29th Oct 2001, 21:10

Where did you find a Turbo for it? I too am looking for ground effects as well as any info on any customizable gear.



8th Feb 2002, 10:44

I'm looking for ground effects and other stuff to jazz up my 2000 Daewoo Lanos. Email me at cc_runna@yahoo.com

10th Jun 2002, 10:08

I'm looking for custom parts too. Have found suitable performance shocks, 14" alloy wheels and air filter at my local Halforlds (a UK auto superstore) but can't find a spoiler for the 98 hatch version anywhere.

Mail me at wraith@hadez.org if you find any :-)

BTW - I hate the front black plastic grille so...

Remove grille, remove chromed surround, wrap black plastic grille in racing mesh, screw grille back into place. Much better :-)

2nd Jun 2004, 08:54

The WRX turbo will bolt right on the the inline 4 the daewoo has.

2000 Daewoo Lanos S standard from North America


A low performance lemon


Brakes have gone out.

Water leaks.

Getting 8 miles to the gallon.

Brakes squeal.

Service rude and slow.

Not provided with a rental car while repairs were made.

General Comments:

This car is not worth the cheap price. The company will not stand by their product and it is a serious safety hazard. Brakes went bad at 1,000 miles!

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Review Date: 25th May, 2001

5th Dec 2004, 20:05

I so agree with your review of this car, I own a 2001 Lanos Sport. This is the worst car I have ever owned! To think the other cars I could have bought with the 16k!! The brakes on these cars are most definetly horrible and I spend almost $100 every two weeks in fuel! That is unacceptable for this class of vehicle. I agree that the service is rude and it is sad that we have to seal with that, due to the fact you can usually only find ONE shop per state that will even work on them. So it kinda leaves your options closed to where you have no choice, but to deal with the attitudes. To the people out there thinking that these cars would be good first cars or graduation presents please look elsewhere, Kia Rio, Hyundai Accent, ect anything, but a Daewoo especially a Lanos!

The Screwed Over Guy