2000 Daewoo Lanos S 1.6L 16v from North America


Very simple, functional, has potential, could be much better


Headlights went out. First the passenger side, so I replaced both bulbs, then both went out. Dealer said "melted wiring". They did a "band-aid" fix and told me to come back for the head lamps they had ordered for me. I never went back and the lights are fine (so far).

Seat needs readjustment every week or so.

Engine seems to come off idle now and then. IOW: bogs down briefly at a stoplight then picks back up. This can't be normal.

General Comments:

It is quick enough.

Could be more comfy and less noisy.

How did Daewoo overlook a front sway bar?

Where can I get one in the aftermarket?

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Review Date: 22nd May, 2001

2000 Daewoo Lanos S 1.5 litre from North America


This is a fun, sporty, unique car


The seats keep on tilting backwards over time. Every few weeks, I have to raise them up again. It is not a "life-and-death" situation, but when you purchase a new car, you expect near perfect performance (silly me!)

From time to time, I hear a sound as if a small rock is being flung inside the engine and hitting the inside of the car frame. I don't know when or under what circumstances the sound arises, so I am reluctant to take it for a service.

The fan has 5 settings - from 0 (off) until 4 (high speed). When I turn the fan dial from the 3 setting to the 4 setting, I hear an uncomfortable clicking sound from within the dashboard.

General Comments:

I purchased the car for economical reasons. It was selling for the same price as the 2000 Hyundai Accent, with the added features of dual airbags (as opposed to driver's side only), power-steering, and no-pressure salesmen.

The salesperson even taught me how to drive standard transmission during the test drive!

I was not impressed with the service department though. I even question if they actually do the required maintenance when I bring my car in for the required oil-changes. Case in point: I have had a fog-lamp with a broken bulb since last August, and no serviceperson has informed me that it has been burnt - even though one of the tasks performed when I bring my car in for maintenance specifies that the service department check the function of the interior and exterior lights. If they are not checking the lights, can I really rest assured that they are changing the oil?

I really like the way the car looks from the back.

I really hate the way the car looks from the front.

Since my previous car was a bicycle, I cannot really compare its driving performance to anything else.

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Review Date: 14th April, 2001

2000 Daewoo Lanos SX 1.6 from North America


Great car, affordable price



General Comments:

This is a great little affordable car.

As a student this is very important and it definitely surpasses expectations.

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Review Date: 24th March, 2001

2000 Daewoo Lanos from North America


Rip off


In July 2000 we bought 2 cars from Daewoo, my Lanos had 11 miles on it, the engine light has been on, I believe the part just came in 8 months later, and they say it will flash on and off, wish me luck at smog time.

In Dec both headlights burned out at midnight on the freeway, they "rigged" them together but refused to lend me a rental, husband had to threaten to sue, in order for them to replace the lights, which are currently uneven.

My transmission clamps were bad, replaced 4 and now I need a front brake job.

I feel I've been ripped off and regret ever being stuck with this car. Will never recommend these cars and am planning to stick lots of little lemons on the body of this car to warn others from buying. Not so much as an apology, nothing.

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Review Date: 20th March, 2001

1st Apr 2001, 18:19

Just try to find an other car in that price range that's half as well built and reliable as the LANOS, good luck!!

20th Jul 2005, 23:05

Maybe you should find a different car mechanic.. sounds like the one you go to doesn't know what he's doing.

11th Jan 2006, 17:23

Congratulations on your $100 Jeep Cherokee purchase. The person you bought it from either didn't care about getting anything out of it, or was a moron. Most people are not going to be so lucky. Those $300-$500 cars you are referring to are priced that way for a reason-they require or soon will require a significant amount of repair to be reliable enough to use for transportation, meaning daily trips to work or school. You might luck out and find a car that cheap from a private seller that does not need too much work, but if you were to go to a typical used car lot and ask them what they had in the $300-$500 price range, they would probably show you a bicycle!

3rd Sep 2006, 14:31

If you don't know anything about cars, you're better off skipping both the Daewoo and the $100 beater. You should get a car with a much higher reliability and hopefully a warranty. It seems to me people who have not had trouble with their Daewoos are the exception, not the rule.

22nd Oct 2006, 08:13

It is never smart to be one of the first buyers of any new car, especially one with very few dealers and no indication of whether the car will be reliable, whether they will sell well and stay on the market, etc. Every time I see someone driving a new odd-brand of car I know the person doesn't know jack about cars or buying one. The same money that bought their Daewoo (or other odd brand) would have bought a good used Honda or Toyota, which would still be running, have years of life left, have resale value, and parts and service available.

My brother was a service writer at a Pontiac dealer that started handling Hyundais when they first came out. He said it was like buying a used car for a new car price, with all the problems. And when people who bought them decided they'd had enough two years later and tried to trade in their Hyundais, they owed way more than they car was even worth. I'm sure they are better now, but that didn't help those who rushed out to buy something 'different'.

You can always spot the pioneers - they're the ones with the arrows in their backs. Even on THIS SITE, the spellchecker doesn't recognize 'DAEWOO' - suggesting maybe I mean 'Dewie' or 'Dewar'. LOL