2000 Daewoo Matiz SE+AC 0.8i from UK and Ireland


It works for us



General Comments:

We have had no problems with our car, we've had 3 adults and 1 child in it on 200 mile motorway journey and no problems.

It is surprisingly roomy, we moved house recently and at different times got a chest of drawers, a hired carpet cleaner, and a fish tank in it.

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Review Date: 20th March, 2001

2000 Daewoo Matiz SE 0.8 petrol from UK and Ireland


A good buy, but serious concerns on the build quality remain


Radio/Tape deck (Phillips) malfunctioned (replaced).

Dash lights not working (replaced).

Front windscreen cracked in lower RH corner (replaced).

This last one is what concerns me... I have since seen two other Matizs with cracks to the bottom corners of the windscreen - does it indicate poor build or suspension/shock absorption problems over the front wheels? Are there any other reports of this problem and is there likely to be a recall if the problem is aired publicly?

General Comments:

Good car for what you pay for it - the spec is high and while you might want more storage or power you should not really expect it for the price.

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Review Date: 16th January, 2001

28th Mar 2001, 02:19

I had a problem recently with my Matiz - a crack in the middle of the windscreen at the bottom, which I attributed to vandalism, but now it seems it could be a poor design feature.

There are many humps in the roads near me in London, which might have caused stresses on the car, and thus the windscreen cracked. Would like to know of any other cars this has happened to.


Lucy Bostock


2000 Daewoo Matiz SE 3 cylinder from Australia and New Zealand


The only small car to own and drive


Nil.. up to this moment.

General Comments:

I use the car for work purposes most of the time & it is great around town & on the open highway.

Would buy another one tomorrow.

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Review Date: 30th December, 2000

13th Apr 2005, 05:28

Yes, but how long have you had it?

5th Aug 2007, 01:38

We have had a Matiz for three years and it's done around 30,000km. The rheostat for the lighting dislodged itself from the dashboard. The connection between the clutch cable and the pedal is very weak and snapped leaving me stranded. I did a temporary fix because the new cable has to be shipped from Aussie to New Zealand.

The car is unsafe in high winds on open road due to its high top and slim width. You can feel it rocking about.

We have now found water on the passenger side flooring, however, we are not sure where it is coming from. Has anyone had any problems with leaks on the floor?

Cheap to run about and cheaply put together.

2000 Daewoo Matiz SE 0.8 from Netherlands


My next car will be a good old second hand one again!!!


This Matiz is the first new car I bought and I really had better hopes when I did.

The first problem I had was the LED from the airbag that went on from time to time. My dealer "fixed" it and to be sure I checked : HE JUST REMOVED THE LED!!! Of course it took only one letter to the Daewoo import company to have it fixed decently. However (out of revenge I suppose) it took 3 weeks to fix it by this dealer. Of course I go to another dealer now.

Another problem was the right front tire which already after 6000km became worn out from the outside. This problem is fixed now.

The latest problem was a leak near the waterpump. Also fixed now.

I hope the series of fix and fix and fix has come to an end now since I getting really scared for when the warranty has ended.

General Comments:

I wish I had never bought this car. Especially the dealerships are really wacky and I hope Daewoo will do something about it.

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Review Date: 19th October, 2000

16th Jan 2004, 04:38

My Daewoo Matiz SE Plus was bought new in 2001, I have had a lot of problems with dealerships (3 different ones in total), they are saying (even though still under warranty) that I shall have to pay to get the car looked at. Since having the car I have had a new gearbox within the first 3 months, have had the AA out at least 6 times telling me there is something wrong with the power steering belt, the dealership refuse to agree with that. Also since buying the car, in wet weather it squeals like a banshee when driving anywhere, for any length of time and when you turn the engine off it sounds almost as if it has seized up. I really do love my Daewoo, beautiful little runner (when its not noisy) the only thing that lets Daewoo down is the dealerships and 3 year warranty cover.