2000 Daewoo Matiz SE 0.8 Gasoline from Taiwan


For it's price, it is a good car to own


Major Wrong History:

1. Rare right wheel come off the car at speed 5km/h, when I just get out from super high way and step the break before red light. The wheel fly away and almost hit scooter driver and stop on a coconut tree.

Reason: Bearing is burn out.

Suggestion: When you hear strange noise from wheels or anywhere of your car, drive your car to your service station immediately. Do not ingore it. Otherwise you might be killed. I ignored the noise from the bearing for several days.

2. Four doors continues rusting and rusting and cause holes on the doors. So shame, so ugly.

Reason: Unknown. Maybe the car doors are made from recycled steels of abandon ship in Korea.

Suggestion: No need to repare it. One door cost USD 200 and my car is almost 8 years old with 220000 kilometer.

Thanks god the water will not get into cabin when raining or car wash.

General Comments:

Good Points:

1. Fuel Cost is extreme low. 15~20km per liter, for the old car like mine.

2. Handling is very good. I usually drive it on the down hill and enjoy it's good handling.

3. Quite fast for it's engine size. 800cc can speed up to 160km/h with airconditioner on in the flat road.

4. Very stable on high speed.

5. Air conditioner is very effecient.

6. Classic shape and good looking.

7. Roomy for head and leg.

Weak Points:

1. Low torque power. Especially for up hill or full loading.

2. Weak spare parts. Such bearing, steels, etc.

3. Cooling system weak. Some leaking water or high temp problems are occurd.

4. Bad driving position. Ergonomics of the seat and steering wheel are not good.

5. Shift is not smooth on 1st, 2nd, rare. Also the gear shifting range is too long.

Conclusion: For it's price, it is a good car to own. I still plan to use it for another 8 years for until 400000KM or more.

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Review Date: 14th November, 2007

2000 Daewoo Matiz Base model 700cc from UK and Ireland


Ann excellent small car, but get the early version


The handbrake light has been on for the last 5000 miles...n. but the only fault is the switch. I will live with this rather than get it replaced. Just replaced the original battery after 6 years is good.

General Comments:

Bought to replace a 16 year old nova that had terminal body rust the brief was for a replacement small 5 door car for an aged parent. The shortlist was Corsa, Saxo, and Ka. As Top Gears best buy small car it trounced the oposition after test drives... on price, 5 doors, seating position (high up good for a shortie) throaty 3 cylinder engine and light controls. Main fault with the car is a rough ride, but you get use to this.. try a Punto- they are just as bad.

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Review Date: 30th March, 2006

2000 Daewoo Matiz SE 0.8 from UK and Ireland


Never again!!!


Has anyone had the misfortune to need a new battery for their Matiz. If so, what was the cost? I've been told that they can only be obtained through a Daewoo dealer and the cost is "approximately" £140. This is for a Matiz, not a Ferrari!! A drop test will be another £37!!

General Comments:

If you buy a Matiz, get rid of it before the warranty expires. If you keep it after that time, that's when your expensive problems will start.

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Review Date: 21st December, 2005

22nd Jan 2006, 13:59

I'm not quite sure where the quote came from, but I bought a new battery for my Matiz 2 years ago for £33 two years ago, the first one lasted fours years and was beginning to give problems. I just went into the Local Car part dealer (in this case Moto-Serv and bought one.

11th May 2007, 15:04

My Matiz has been a nightmare

Bought V reg for £1400 with 31000 miles on the clock on the way home windscreen cracked had to replace it £140

After about 1 month radiator hose came off lost all coolant

Came off again 3 weeks later turned out to be head gasket causing cooling system to pressurise

Cost me £250 for new head gasket

Go car back last week the suddenly developed loss of power fault when driving back to garage replaced HT leads

Week later engine started smoking vey bad. Piston rings cracked

Scrapping car!

This is on a V reg with only 30000 miles just bought a VW Polo will never buy another Matiz - looks good, but engine is rubbish.

12th Oct 2011, 22:16

Looks like you need to find a different mechanic. When your hose blew the first time, your mechanic was supposed to find out that your head gasket is blown. All of the "problems" after that - second blown hose, rings... are nothing but misdiagnosing a bad head gasket when first checked.

Don't blame the car, try to find a better mechanic... Just my two cents...