2000 Dodge Durango SLT 1.5 from North America


Engine failure


Gasket malfunction at 47,000 miles. Adjuster from extended warranty told mechanic, who then told us, that an "upper plenum gasket" malfunctioned, causing the oil to burn up in a part of the engine where it wasn't supposed to be, fall back down into the oil pan when engine cooled, and then be sucked back up into the intake, causing engine failure. Extended warranty representative "did not agree" with the adjuster, and denied the claim, stating oil sludge build-up is caused by negligence. We had to borrow over $4,000 to replace the engine and get our family vehicle back.

In addition, the top back air conditioner makes loud clacking noises in hot weather when turned on.

Electronic locks are making a loud grinding noise, and the extended warranty people expect us to pay up front and obtain reimbursement from them (over $300). Windows malfunctioned, but were taken care of by the dealer in 2002.

I love my Durango, but I do not love the way they treated us through the engine failure. I had no idea that this was happening to other people, and now know that this is a problem.

You can find more complaints as well as file one at www-odi.nhtsa.dot.gov and research class action suits at www.bigclassaction.com. There is a place to submit a request to be added to a potential Dodge Oil Sludge suit.

General Comments:

Love the vehicle.

Hate the malfunctions, as well as the amount of money, emotional turmoil and inconvenience it has cost us.

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Review Date: 10th February, 2003

27th Jun 2003, 12:04

Change your oil, and your engine will last longer.

1st Jul 2004, 18:23

Do your homework and you will see the owner of this car is correct. Dodge's do have a known problem here. But thanks for the brilliant help.

20th Jul 2004, 20:28

I'm the original poster of the comment and this is in regards to the person that said "change your oil". I didn't realize when I originally posted that this wasn't already a given. Duh. We did change the oil. The engine blew up due to a faulty gasket.

31st Jul 2004, 13:05

You're just starting! At 75k miles expect to change the transmission. I've also had to change an alternator, thermostat, fan clutch, and freeze plug (under the motor mount). I guess all this would be due to lack of maintenance also. The truck is horribly built and Dodge is is your typical 21 century American corporation. Greedy!!

And people wonder why there are so many Toyota's on the road these days!

2000 Dodge Durango XLT 5.2L from North America


Yesterdays technology at tomorrows price, today


At 24,060 miles, the vehicle stopped running while at normal cruse speed of 45 MPH, and had to be towed to the dealer. Crank position sensor is defective.

At 30,037 miles, front sway bar bushings had to be replaced to stop constant squeaking noise during normal operation.

Also at this time, the door lock actuator was replaced for making a loud noise when unlocking the vehicle with the remote.

At 41,135 miles, the door locks intermittently lock and/or unlock without any activation of the power door lock switch. This is a known problem with Dodge trucks and SUV's. Refer to TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) # 08-041-00 The repair involved installing new door/liftgate lock cylinder switches.

At 44,056 miles, back to the shop for door locking and unlocking (TSB 08-041-00).

Also had to replace sway bar bushings again at this time.

At 59,285 miles, installing new door/liftgate lock cylinder switches (TSB 08-041-00)

The dealer fixed the locking and unlocking, but in the process damaged something on the passenger side door and now it can only be opened from the inside.

At 65,111 miles, it was taken to a different dealer who said he could fix the door locking and unlocking problem. No work was done because warranty is out.

At 72,140 miles, doors still locking and unlocking with added loud honking/buzzer type noise. I have given up on Daimler-Chrysler fixing this, or even having the knowledge of how to fix this.

The final straw is the power steering pump is broken and blowing fluid all over the engine.

General Comments:

The vehicle is one of the best looking SUV's on the road or in the shop.

The Durango is one of the most powerful SUV of its type.

I feel that Dodge should put more engineering effort in producing a more dependable product.

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Review Date: 21st January, 2003