2000 Dodge Durango R/T 5.9 from North America


A well priced bargain 'till it breaks


Overall poor fuel economy.

Tonight coming home from dinner, It missed the 1-2 shift, banging into the red line 3 times before shifting into 2nd gear. Wife complains that the transmission "feels" like it is slipping. This is going to the dealership as soon as possible. Seems like all those rumors of piss poor transmissions are true.

I might as well drive a motor home for the gas mileage I get. I know it has the performance axle ratio, and all wheel drive. But really, my "hot rod" in high school ran 12's in the quarter and got better economy then this. What a piece. Last Sport Ute I EVER buy.

General Comments:

Dodge. Seems like a good deal till you own one.

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Review Date: 16th June, 2002

13th Dec 2002, 21:49

I can't wait till I can sell mine. Less than a year old and it already is having transmission problems. A scary car to drive; goes all over the road.

16th Jul 2004, 07:09

Not to sure why everyone is complaining...It's a 5.9 V8...What did you expect, gas mileage of a Chevy Sprint! P.S. It's a 7000 lbs + vehicle, so it takes a little time to get use to. I bought mine right in 2000, and I've loved every minute of owning it. It drives like a dream, handles perfectly, and looks spectacular. Repairs, well what repairs aren't costly. How can you complain about repair costs of a couple hundred bucks, when the truck itself cost $50,000+. Don't beat the snot out of it, and you won't be repairing it that much. Plus, what other than a V8 can you get away with driving 20,000 km before an oil change (not recommended, but it can be done). I love it, and I'd buy another in a second... If the new ones didn't look like minivans!!

10th May 2006, 18:39

I bought my 2000 Durango 5.9 about four months ago, and I absolutely love it! My wife and I just had our fourth child and we needed a bigger vehicle and I just couldn't bear cruising around in a family van. The gas mileage is crap, but I think it's a fair sacrifice for the look and the power. And if your buying a Durango thinking the gas mileage will be good, come on, you better do some homework and go for another vehicle, it's all about the muscle in this thing! As for the notorious transmission problems, youre gonna have a problem out of any vehicle, and all the companies have one or two notorious problems. But if taken care of, you should be OK. Just like the last two comments if the new ones weren't so ugly I'd buy another in a second.

2000 Dodge Durango SLT 4.7 from North America


The Dodge Durango is the worst vehicle I've ever owned


The universal joint was replaced at 35,000 miles.

Front bearings needed replacement at 44,000 miles.

General Comments:

The service department suggested a $400.00 brake job at 35,000 miles that we didn't need.

Front brake pads replaced at 44,000 miles with room to go. Rear brakes O.K. Cost $150.00 at reputable brake clinic in town.

Front bearings should not need replacement until 75,000 plus miles!

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Review Date: 26th April, 2002

2000 Dodge Durango SLT 4.7 Litre from North America


Good buy for the money!!


Nothing. I love this truck. It is my first SUV and it will not be my last. I am the type that keeps cars for 10 years or the doors fall off. I will have this truck for 10 years. No problems in all the time I have had it. Great off road and great long distance driver. Very comfortable. Very reliable.

General Comments:

I know that manufacturer's sometimes produce a lemon, but this is not it for me. No one I know in my neighborhood who has one, has any complaints like I have been reading here. 7 Durango's so far in Ft. Washington, MD. It has excellent performance and can haul a load like nobody's business. My wife likes it better than her 2001 Exploder Sport. We have travelled long distances for vacations and no problems at all. I could have paid cash for one with all the repairs on my previous SAAB's.

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Review Date: 29th January, 2002

13th Dec 2002, 18:51

We have a 1998 Durango,76.000 miles and still going, strong.

18th Dec 2003, 11:36

We have a 2000 Durango SLT 4X4 that has now turned over 110K just this month. Besides replacing the battery, tires and brakes, nothing else 'failed'. I did or had done the recommended routine maintenance at the recommended intervals. Like anything mechanical, an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. This has been a fantastic truck for us and it has pulled a heavily loaded trailer from FL to WA to CA with no problems. Only at this mileage am I experiencing what to me is expected 'normal' wear, meaning the front end rattles, I suspect it is a steering or suspension component issue. No big deal. The Durango was our second Dodge, the first one was the Dakota.