2001 Dodge Durango SLT 4.7 V8 from North America


Great if taken care of, just like any other vehicle


3 of 4 seats have trouble reclining.

General Comments:

I think that this is a good vehicle. Some things have gone wrong, but they have been minor. The performance and comfort of this vehicle far outweigh the problems. Its powerful, roomy, comfortable, and plenty of features when loaded, and I think it looks great. I am an auto mechanic at a Dealership in Ohio. I have worked on my fair share of Durangos and have come to this conclusion, PEOPLE DO NOT TAKE CARE OF THEIR CARS!!! Every person I ask says that they change their oil regularly and do routine maintenance on the vehicle. When I ask them what routine maintenance they are talking about, they stutter. I check the problem and it is caused by lack of oil changes, or other ROUTINE maintenance problems. Its like going to the dentist and he/she asks you if you floss your teeth regularly and you say yes. Then he/she opens your mouth and sees tons of food stuck in between your teeth. Its just that obvious that the person is lying. You can't just buy a car and expect it to last forever with just oil changes. If your car hits 60,000 miles on it you should have replaced all fluids at least once, done a full tune up, and it is now time for a point by point inspection. These couple hundred dollars will save you huge hassles and thousands of dollars in the long run.

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Review Date: 31st July, 2006

31st Jul 2006, 17:36

Hi, I don't know more about car maintenance, but I do regularly going to the mechanic to check everything in my car.

So far I have run already 85000km, and as far as I know, they changed only the engine oil regularly.

Can you please be specific. What are all the fluids you were saying should be changed when it reaches 60000 miles or km?

I read also, somewhere in the engine, which also has a deep stick, it was written there don't change the fluid if it's not necessary, on which every time my mechanic is checking it.

21st Aug 2006, 08:57

Sorry so late. Routine maintenance at 60,000-70,000 miles include tune-up, transmission fluid, filter, and gasket change, and greasing differentials. All hoses should be checked every two to three years for cracks, bulging, and wear. Oil and filter should be changed every 3,000 miles. Also a couple of good tips for safety, better horsepower, and better fuel economy are replacing your air filter when dirty, fuel system cleaner (its ten bucks, and you just pour it in your gas tank when 1/4 full then fill it up, it costs 5-10 bucks and will save you that much at least in a month anyway) and also make sure your tires are inflated properly. Some of these things can be expensive if done at a dealership or shop. But most are fairly inexpensive, and although it may seem like a lot, it really isn't especially since the expensive stuff only has to be done every 60,000 miles. Just keep a good record of all that was done and when and what mileage. If you do this maintenance work I promise you will only ever have minor problems if any.

20th Jun 2009, 14:53

I have a 2001 Durango that has basically been pretty good. I have nearly 195,000 miles and have finally broken something. The engine is over heating and not sure yet why. All of the cooling system parts have been replaced, so it is looking to be an internal problem. There is only two things that got my goat, not enough heat got to the back for the children in the winter and going along on the highway, hitting a bump causes the back end to jump side ways. Rust started 4 years after purchase and is now starting to be an eye sore.

2001 Dodge Durango SLT 4.7 from North America


Looks good on the outside, but all of its parts are already broken... you just don't know it yet!


Front right caliper locked up and nearly burst into flames.

U joint (rear) went out and had to be replaced.

Various vacuum hose line leaks.

Fender moulding fell off.

Transmission is starting to go.

General Comments:

Poorly designed vehicle. I've had a host of problems with this car in the past 6 months.

Front right caliper locked in the 'braking' position while my wife was driving it. Luckily I was riding my motorcycle in the lane next to her and saw the smoke pouring out of the wheel well. Again, luckily, when I finally got her pulled off, it was into the parking lot of a mechanic who could not touch it for 2 hours while it cooled down!

Then a couple weeks later, the RPM's just started fluctuating.

A couple weeks later the rear U joint went out. It was broken into several pieces (never had this vehicle on dirt and it's all stock).

A few weeks later the check engine light came on and there were several vacuum hose leaks. Had those replaced and 2 weeks after that, the transmission began jumping. You will be slowing down, stopping, or stopped and the car feels like someone has rear ended you!

Now the check engine light is on and showing 3 transmission codes! Going to get it fixed up, provided it's something like a control solenoid and get rid of it ASAP. Meanwhile, my 91 Oldsmobile with 150k miles on it runs like it did in 91! Go Figure?

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Review Date: 30th June, 2006