2001 Dodge Neon SE 2.0 from North America


Cheap garbage from a corrupt domestic manufacturer


Brakes, front and rear struts, tie rods, catalytic converter, oxygen sensor, trunk lock, powertrain control module, rear door handles, ignition coil, headlight reminder, door-locks, starter, passenger seat track, dome light.

General Comments:

Tie rods fell apart while driving, almost killing me.

All struts began leaking, bottoming car down during winter.

Catalytic converter plugged up, ruining mpg and power and messing up O2 sensor.

Trunk lock slowly quit working.

Door locks keep getting stuck.

Headlight reminder bell quit working, making me forget to turn headlights off and killing battery.

Dome light quit working, even after bulb and fuse replacement.

Powertrain control module stopped working, costing me $297 even after doing job myself.

Rear door handles hard to move even with lubrication.

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Review Date: 25th March, 2011

26th Mar 2011, 14:22

This is why Chrysler is finished in North America. They should have faded away years ago. They have been building the worst cars in North America for a very long time. Once Fiat establishes itself as a separate brand, Chrysler will be finished. All Fiat wants from Chrysler is their dealer network in North America. It's already happening where I live. Long standing Dodge dealerships are now sporting the Fiat name.

24th Nov 2014, 02:52

I'm not a big fan of Neons, but come on. Tie rods so worn that they come apart? Sounds like lack of maintenance, not just of tie rods, but of most of the things listed. If you have a vehicle, you have to maintain it. This sounds like one of those good looking cars I see in the junkyard, just there because it wasn't maintained, and eventually has so much wrong with it that it is junkyard bound. Fix things as they fail. On any vehicle.

24th Nov 2014, 02:56

Fiat? Fiats have a reputation lower than dirt. The New Fiat 500, which is a good looking little car, is already getting to be known as a poor quality piece of junk. We all know what Fiat means. Fix It Again Tony!!

2001 Dodge Neon ES 2.0 from North America


10 years and almost 200k = Well done and thank you Dodge


In the past year she has required some work for overheating and the transmission seal (common Dodge problem).

I'm also getting brakes done for the 3rd time (about $200 replacing front rotors and pads).

The head gasket is on its last legs, as I have some kind of sealer in there now that my mechanic recommended. When it goes, I doubt I'll put much more money in it.

General Comments:

My wife bought this car new before we got married. It's been a great little car.

I now use it as a commuter car, and have 165k. I'm on our 4th set of tires, and just upgraded to SRT rims and 17" tires.

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Review Date: 7th February, 2011

7th Feb 2011, 20:50

Not to be mean or anything, but I have heard that Dodge Neons don't come out to be great cars. Neither do the Dodge Plymouth (especially the Breeze). I have an uncle that has had really bad problems with his Plymouth, and it's no longer driveable. He has wasted a lot of green on it, and all for nothing. We see a lot of those cars at the junk yard and people selling them real cheap and why? Because they aren't good cars. I'm not too sure about the Neons, but I have heard through others that have owned them that they have a lot of problems with them.

8th Feb 2011, 18:00

To the above commentor:

I'm not the original reviewer, but I also owned a Dodge Neon. It was the absolute worst piece of crap I've ever owned. I'm happy to hear this person had good luck with theirs, but mine sucked.

2nd Jun 2013, 18:09

We looked at a Neon, then got a well used Corolla! I mean, with all the internet advice / owners opinions around for over a decade, I now do not befriend folks who do not have the energy to perform research! My Corolla has cost me some brake pads / oil / tires, and oh yeah, a $45 sensor in 72k miles!