2001 Dodge Neon from North America


Cute, maybe. Trash, for sure


The back defrost stopped working.

Then the sun roof.

Then the air-conditioner.

Now, the gas indicator no longer works, it sits at empty, no matter how much gas I have in it.

To make matters worse, now it won't start at all. Go figure.

General Comments:

Sounds like a gun going off when I try to start it. Someone suggested that it was the starter. My father believed it simply needed a new battery. He changed the battery and it started for him. Two days later... it won't start again. We are now getting opinions left and right, the starter, the fuel injector (?), the timing belt has a chipped tooth. With every diagnosis we get, the cost to fix it jumps considerably. I wish I could just trade this piece of junk in for another Honda. I've always loved Hondas, but thought this Neon was cute as a sporty little button. It's sitting in my garage, and my husband and I have been carpooling to work... in his lovely Honda of course. We're still trying to get opinions on a reliable garage for a real diagnosis. I have a headache just thinking about this darn thing that has been a price waiting to happen at every turn. Ugh.

And now that I want to get rid of it, my husband insists we have to fix everything first. Bloody terrific. After spending so much money on it, I'm just going to have to end up keeping that darn thing.

I can say though, when it was working properly. It was nice to drive and all the windows are so big and nice you can see all around you. It's still a hot looking little thing, deceptive indeed.

I thought it would be too small for me as I am 5'11" but it was fine.

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Review Date: 6th January, 2004

10th Jan 2004, 01:26

If you replaced the battery and it started, and then it failed again, it may be the alternator. Like you said, though, you are getting opinions left and right.

3rd Apr 2004, 19:01

If the car sounded like guns going off it was not the car, but people from Honda shooting at you for buying it.

2001 Dodge Neon ES 2.0 from North America


Low miles and high maintenance


The brakes on the neon went out about 32,000 miles. Driver side brake pad was half of other side. I tried to get free replacement, but dealer refused, because brakes a not covered under warranty.

The power steering pump always makes a noise. So I went to the auto part store and purchased a BG product for the power steering. I put it in the pump and the noise went away.

General Comments:

Later on the thermostat stuck open, is what the dealer told me. After 200 miles of being replace at a cost of $100, the check engine light came on again. So I pulled the code from computer and it gave me, engine is cold to long. So that usually means thermostat is stuck open, but wrong again. So I replaced the engine coolant temperature sensor, and the light went off and the system was OK.

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Review Date: 7th October, 2003

2001 Dodge Neon SE 2.0 from North America


Cheap and fun to start, but ends up costing


Would not start at one point.

Computer had to be replaced and built-in alarm system reset by dealership.

Brakes squeak after being replaced only nine months ago.

Hesitant to accelerate.

Dents fairly easily.

General Comments:

This car is extremely fun to drive, however as more miles get put on it it seems the more problems appear on it. Uncomfortable driver's seat and steering whell position.

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Review Date: 28th September, 2003

2001 Dodge Neon ES 2.0 SOHC from North America


Pocket Rocket


Trans-axle needed a seal replaced.

General Comments:

Rear end sits higher up than front, hard to lower with performance wheels evenly.

Stock sound system is decent for a car under $10k.

Easy to modify parts, i.e. euro taillights, dashboard, speakers.

4 cylinder has some power for 2.0L.

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Review Date: 26th September, 2003