2001 Dodge Neon R/T 2.0 Magnum from North America


A real performance compact


Nothing has gone wrong so far.

General Comments:

This car is an incredible surprise to everyone, with unbelievable performance in such a plain-looking package.

The R/T may not be as fast in a straight line as a V8 muscle car, but it can handle the curves as well as cars twice its price (or more, in some cases.) A right turn can easily be negotiated at 40 MPH, and nothing is funnier than the sight of a Mustang losing control in the mirror.

The suspension has been given a healthy dose of Viagra when compared with that of the base Neon, and steering is a bit tighter as well.

Even though the 60-profile tires are rather clumsy for a sport compact, handling on winding roads is acceptable, thanks to traction control: the great equalizer.

While I have never attained speeds above 110 MPH, this car seems capable of burying the needle at its 140 MPH terminus.

As for all those who prefer automatic trannies, this car is not for you. The R/T only comes with a close-ratio manual box. Don't be upset, automatic boy: it's for your own good. This is more car than you're ready for.

The only drawback to the R/T is its thirst for the good stuff - 93 octane fuel. The reason for this: a camshaft designed for high-rpm performance. A tank of 87 octane will not kill the car, but the performance above 4000 RPM is pathetic.

Teenage punks in Honda Civics (or any other "tuned" car with a fart-pipe) deserve to see only one thing: taillights. Noise does not equal performance, R/T equals performance.

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Review Date: 12th August, 2002

2001 Dodge Neon LE (Canada) 2.0L 16-Valve from North America


A high quality luxury sedan, with lots of content at a very reasonable cost of ownership


Absolutely othing has gone wrong. I change the oil every 7-9,000km and that has been it. The dealer even paid for all except one of those.

General Comments:

What a terrific car the 2001 has been; quiet, smooth, and terrific quality. You can actually feel the quality improvement in the drivetrain and body structure over the previous generation. I really trust this car.

The seats are very supportive, and they almost refresh me after a long day at work. Wonderful stereo, which came with the car. Again, top quality.

Big surprise has been the large increase in gas mileage over my 1995 model. I went from 22MPG to a very consistent 30 to 31 in the city; however, with a 3 Speed Automatic in 2001 the highway MPG is only 37.

Powertrain is peppy, even with the powerful air conditioner working. Again, it feels solid and reliable.

Brakes are wonderful and very responsive. I have yet to lock them up with the effectiveness they have. Little or no fade. Keeping in mind I have had some panic stops over this past year.

One oversight, is the lack of powerlocks or a remote trunk opener (on the inside). The LE model required the addition of ABS or an expensive security package to get these. With a vehicle of this class, they should have been standard I felt. I understand this was largely address in the 2002 model.

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Review Date: 3rd August, 2002

2001 Dodge Neon SE 2.0 Liter from North America


A great buy


The gas needle stops working on its own sometimes, but comes back on when I make a sudden turn or accelerate.

It has stalled twice when approaching a stop light.

Gas mileage is far from what was said on the window sticker.

General Comments:

Overall, I like this car, and has not had any major problems. I drive it 5 miles in bumper to bumper traffic to school each day, and it never runs hot, and works great. I also drive it 30 miles one way to church and it does great on the highway.

The performance is good for the small engine it has.

The car handles well for its size. I can whip in and out of traffic no problem.

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Review Date: 24th July, 2002