2001 Dodge Neon ES from North America


Nice on the outside, but a lot of Internal problems!! Do not buy!!


I have had numerous problems with this car. The tires need to be replaced approximately every 15,000 miles as well as the brakes.

At 5,000 they had to put a brake hose because of a recall.

At 22,000 it had problems with the power windows.

At 25,000 the battery went out.

At 32,000 the power windows went out again.

At 36,000 the air conditioning went out.

At 47,000 It had problems whenever I put it in reverse it would jerk real bad.

At 54,500 the car wouldn't start we believe it is the battery.

As well as the windows are again having problems.

General Comments:

The car is kept in good shape, but the tires and brakes are always needing to be replaced. I paid to have an alignment, but the tires are still wearing in a weird way to the point that we are replacing them every 15,000 miles or so.

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Review Date: 15th September, 2003

16th Dec 2003, 12:11

It may not be your car causing your tires to wear down. Believe me. I had a Toyota that I had TONS of problems. My tires were changed twice in a year because the people that put them on took advantage of me. They gave me a bad tire. It could be your mechanic putting on bad tires... watch out for those people!

2001 Dodge Neon SE 4 cylinder from North America


Reasonably inexpensive, nice looking piece of junk


I bought this car in August - so I wasn't using the defrost. But 4 months after buying this car I found myself needing the defrost when the weather started to get colder. Whenever I used the defrost, the entire car would fill up with exhaust. At first, I didn't realize this was a huge problem, but after a couple weeks, I couldn't take it anymore and took it in to the dealership.

3 months later (about 26,000 miles) I had to get my rotars turned. Normally, rotars are turned at around 60,000 miles.

Exactly 1 year after buying the car, it rained pretty hard for a few days while I was in Kansas City - I left my car back home. When I got back, the inside of the car was filled with about 4 inches of water. The trunk was soaking wet, too. I left some books and papers in my trunk - which ended up being unsalvageable. Even thought I didn't see any windows left down, I thought that's probably what happened. So I got it all cleaned up the next day. However, it rained pretty good a few weeks later... I finally got smart, looked up this problem online, and took it in to the dealership as soon as possible.

As far as comfort goes... this car pretty nice for short drives. However, on long road trips...it's very uncomfortable. I find my back hurting after a 3 hour drive. (...and I'm a 22 year old male)

General Comments:

I'd say the only really good thing about this car is that it's reasonably inexpensive and it looks pretty nice. I wanted something 4-door (to give rides & stuff), but kinda sporty looking. Hey... for under 10K, you can't find much.

I'm looking to get a new car soon and have been thinking about the Mazda6. There's 2 rules when buying a car:

1) Never buy a BRAND NEW car. (a year old at the very most)

2) Always do some research online (in some of the forums) to see if people like the car you are planning to buy. This has proved to be VERY VERY helpful in narrowing down my next car!

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Review Date: 15th September, 2003

29th Jun 2004, 14:27

I have an 01 neon, but it is a manual transmission. With just a few upgrades it made my car sweet. there is especially no interior problems, what was wrong did you buy a car that got wrecked and/or did not get maintained? I have 50,000 have had no problems and my car is still under warranty.