1992 Dodge Shadow 2.2 from North America


Never buy this kind of car, a lemon


I had to change the head, head gasket, bolt and all the seals.

I changed the thermostat.

I putted a new timing belt.

I changed the gas filter, and 3 relays.

The clutch broke down.

I had to change the brakes + drums.

The oxygen and map sensor malfunctioned.

General Comments:

If you want to spend all your money in your car, I can sell you mine.

It cost me more than twice in repairs than buying it (1500$ / 3500$CAN) ± (1000$ US / 2100$ US).

The trunk needs a stick to stay open.

Big leak in oil (2 pints a month).

It has a huge fuel consumption for a 4 cylinder. 35$CAN a week ±20$ US for 275 km.

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Review Date: 15th March, 2001

19th Jul 2001, 23:18

I thought my bad mileage was due to a stuck valve and no compression in #1 cylinder. When that was fixed (new heads, et al), the mileage was no better. What gives?

11th Dec 2002, 09:12

Well I can agree with the oil leak problem, because I had the problem myself. Replacing the rear main seal fixed the problem though (It was a $15 part).

As for your mileage, I could only see you spending that much if you had a fuel leak, someone's siphoning from your tank or you're paying $1.50 per litre. I spend $25 a week on gas (at 68.4 cents a litre) and I put over 400KM in that time.

20th Dec 2008, 12:31

My 1st Shad also had the oil problem. Turns out it was a seal. Once it was fixed it was tight as a drum and gave me no more oil problems. Also with the gas problem. I recommend checking and replacing the air, oil and fuel filters on it. Usually 1 of those if they are clogged will rob you of decent MPG. If that still does not help then check the fuel pump and line. Those parts seem to be a big culprit when you are being denied good gas mileage.

1992 Dodge Shadow ES 2.5 L from North America


An excellent, inexpensive long-distance car


Harsh down shift and stalls at lights after coming off of high-speed (70 MPH) highway running. Problem disappeared once winter set in.

Tends to burn oil in its old age.

Previous owner had the transmission replaced.

Poor acceleration.

General Comments:

Then car is super reliable, looks good for its age, and is pretty good on gas. I can go for five hours or a little more than 330 miles on one tank of gas.

It does no accelerate well, but the extra-wide stance helps the way the car handles.

The cabin is pretty comfortable, but a bit on the small side for a tall guy like me. The plastic trim "sporty" panels help preserve the bottoms of the body panels from salt destruction.

I've only had to perform routine maintainance on the car - oil changes, one brake job, new tires, and a new exhaust pipe. An excellent long-distance car!

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Review Date: 28th February, 2001

12th Mar 2001, 20:38

My 2.2L Shadow has a fuel-flow problem that also corrected itself in the winter. I hope it doesn't return come May.

I was able to reduce my oil consumption by using Valvoline MaxLife motor oil. It might sound like hype, but it works.

1992 Dodge Shadow America 2.2L from North America


Ugly little car by today's standards, but you cannot look past it either


I have had to replace the brake pads at about 35,000 miles (but due to my lead foot and the fact that I lived in Germany for two years with the car, and yes it will do what is on the speedometer, takes a while to get there but it will).

I also had to replace the front driver's seat, it had a broken bolt and I'm a bit disappointed in the paint peeling.

General Comments:

For a car that I paid $9,056.00 for it has been amazing. My wife has been on my back for two years to get rid of it, but being that I'm 6'8" tall I cannot find a car that I fit comfortably in and I can't see my self paying nearly $30,000.00 for a truck.

I have taken my car to Germany, France, Montana, Nevada, and California. It has been on an autobahn in Germany. I have had it up to... well lets just say pucker factor of 7. And it still has not let me down.

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Review Date: 30th January, 2001

1st Feb 2001, 10:08

That broken bolt should've been covered by the recall last year.

20th Feb 2001, 16:01

I can't figure out why my 2.2L Sundance won't go the distance (or the speed, for that matter!) Mine is apparently drag limited to 155kph, as I found out one day outside Montreal.

27th Sep 2001, 18:27

I'm only 6'2, and I felt VERY cramped in my Shadow when I owned it. That's why I upgraded to a Voyager mini van.