1992 Dodge Shadow America 2.2L gas from North America


Dependable, reliant, comfortable, COOL!


Nothing has gone wrong with the Shadow that couldn't be fixed for under $10.00.

General Comments:

The Shadow is just that, something you don't really notice but can surprise you if you take notice.

Before I got my Shadow I had known the general idea behind this little car. I drove it on the back roads (very common where I got it) for the first two weeks I had it. When I got it on interstate 81 it really surprised the hell out of me. The little thing wanted to fly down the road. I caught my self and was forced to put on the brake because the thing kept speeding up.

The little car has inspired me to keep it for the long haul. It performs great considering what it is, and is really reliable. The gas mileage is better than the Saturn on a long road trip and it is comfortable for a long trip as well.

I would suggest this car for anyone who isn't afraid of a car that isn't mainstream and wants a good, dependable car.

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Review Date: 14th January, 2001

29th Jan 2001, 22:53

I think the Shadow ES is bad ass. I have never lost a race and even toasted a Beretta GTU. It's been my first car and I love it.

1992 Dodge Shadow ES 2.2 from North America


It can takes you from point A to point B, nothing else


The crankshaft broke in two just a month after buying the car. This resulted in:

A cracked head and a bad previous installation of it (this is the 3rd head on this motor).

Oil leak (a lot).

Clicking and tapping, the motor is noisy for a 4 cylinder, but still, it works and as long as I put oil in it it'll take me anywhere

No A/C (the lighter doesn't work).

General Comments:

After the crankshaft broke I managed to get and install another motor head and crankshaft taken from another Shadow (1989). No cracked head or blown gasket as of 12/4/2000 (1 1/2 month after the installation) but now it leaks oil...

This is my 2nd car and I love it even though it cost me a lot in the first few month I had it. Now if I could only stop this oil leak it would be a better car.

It is not speedy though. Great car for a student like me who can't afford another car. And this car will still look very good, no rust, and the body is A-1.

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Review Date: 4th December, 2000

26th Jan 2001, 00:21

The 2.2L is rough and noisy, isn't it? When I start mine in minus 25 degree weather, I have to let it idle for at least 3 or 4 minutes to let it settle down. It had never failed to start, though, even in the coldest weather, and having not been plugged in. Surprised me. Too many people think that because I'm not driving a Honda Civic, I'm not driving a good car. Well, they're wrong.

28th Jan 2001, 01:08

I agree.... I also have a 2.2L engine in my car.

I live in Canada and this car starts first shot no matter how cold it is, +30 or -40, it starts.

The only thing is it sounds kinda sick when it's first started on the cold mornings, but once I come back out after a few mintues it sounds fine.

5th Oct 2003, 12:54

I just bought a 1992 Dodge Shadow from my Brother-n-law for $400.00. It needed some small work done on it, but nothing major. I have replaced the valve cover gasket, TPS Sensor, some bulbs & the gas shocks that hold the trunk/hatchback up. I have had the car for two weeks and I love it. It is a 4dr and it has 90,432 miles on it. Color is a little ugly "lime green" but it runs great. I believe that I will get great service out of it.


1992 Dodge Shadow 3.0 V-6 from North America


My speedy little car will always start


The muffler had a problem with it so I replaced it when I got a new exhaust system.

General Comments:

I absolutely love my car. The first Shadow I had started every winter in Wisconsin and even if it did tick and make noises, it was reliable.

The newer one that I have is great. It is really fast and and with all of the after market things that I have done to it, it looks great. I don't think I will ever buy another one since my first 2 cars have been Shadows, but I do recommend one to someone who is getting their first car and they are looking for something reliable. Most of them tick however so keep that in mind.

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Review Date: 20th November, 2000

1992 Dodge Shadow America 2.2 Liter, I-4 from North America




Had it for 8 years until a lady pulled out in front of me in June. Totalled it.

Very good, reliable car and fast to boot. Not good if you get in an accident.

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Review Date: 23rd October, 2000