1999 Ford Contour SE 2.5L Duratec from North America


The Contour is a great, fun car to drive despite the annoyances


Fan resistor pack for heater/AC failed 2 times causing the blower to only work on high. (of course, it always happened in the winter.) Hasn't failed after the second time as the resistor pack was redesigned.

Dash started to warp. Was fixed at no charge by Ford dealer in 2001 and have had no issues since.

Rear brakes / rotors replaced in 2/05. (50k) Front brakes / rotors replaced in 7/05. (57k)

Intake air control valve replaced 2/05. This will cause a hoot sound. Seems like all Contours / Mystiques do this. It was hooting since 2002 and only in the winter months.

Defective door switch on the drivers side at 30k causing interior lights to stay on. 1/00.

Replaced battery at 50k. Battery still good, but was old and I requested replacement after 6 years. 2/05.

Catalytic converter replaced due to defective converter broken in pieces internally. Repaired under warranty. 7/05.

Low freon on A/C system. No leaks, but had to add freon to the system. 7/05.

Replaced original tires at 40k. 1/04.

General Comments:

Nice, comfortable ride and handles well even today at the current mileage this is written. If you are sitting in back the ride won't be so comfortable.

Manual transmission kind of stiff.

Minor annoyances like the hooting, fan resistor, defective switch, warping dash and weak radio performance makes we wish I would have purchased a Camry or other vehicle where quality control is better.

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Review Date: 12th July, 2005

28th Jul 2005, 22:55

I also have had to have my Blower switch replaced twice for the same reason and now it is doing the same thing again. It only runs on high, or not at all unless you wiggled it just right. My dash also warped when I first got the car and the dealer fixed it to their standards. Unfortunately, it did not hold and I drove around for several years with a dashboard that looked like a half-peeled orange. I finally gooped it down myself and cut off the excess material since Ford wasn't going to fix it properly. Aside from the looks of the dashboard, the weak stereo that vibrates against the plastic of the door panels, and the constantly broken blower control, I really love my Contour. It's comfortable and handles well and, from the outside, looks good on the road. Overall, I like the car and feel pretty safe in it. I'll take the minor annoyances as enhancement for its personality.

1999 Ford Contour LX 2.0L DOHC 4 cylinder gas from North America


The Contour will eat Honda alive!


Nothing ever went wrong with my Ford Contour.

All I had done to it is new pulleys and timing belt at 100,000 miles.

General Comments:

The Contour handles amazingly, I take corners at fast speeds no problem. This baby drives on the snow like dry pavement I did 70 m.p.h. in a snow covered highway in the snow storm no problems, I look at 4wd and laugh. You can drift around corners and bring it back easily. No one can catch the Ford Contour I think its the best 4dr sedan ever and don't get me started on the SVT.

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Review Date: 8th June, 2005

8th Jun 2005, 23:06

I have a 1998 Mercury Mystique LS with the V6 engine. The car handles well, but things fall apart as you are driving it!

The contour/mystique has been Ford's worst quality car during the 1990's and only now I am seeing why.

26th Jul 2005, 14:51

Best sedan ever?! Ha Ha Ha Ha. You're joking right?

1999 Ford Contour from North America


Good on gas, poor on reliability


Dashboard warped and is rolling up towards the steering wheel.

Air conditioning and heating unit would only run on high starting at 28,000 miles.

Two camshafts cracked within 2 months due to lack of lube, even though oil had been changed.

Engine was faulty and had to be replaced at 48,000 miles. Thank goodness for the warranty!

Battery died around 72,000 miles.

Several hoses in the car have been found to get strange holes in them. Mechanics cannot figure out exactly why these holes are appearing.

Transmission is leaking badly.

The brakes continuously squeal and hiss, even though all pads and rotors are new.

The factory CD player gets so hot it melts CD's and additionally only plays about half of the time.

Check engine light goes on and off often, though no mechanic can figure out why.

General Comments:

Overall this car has had a lot of mechanical problems.

Aside from the mechanical problems, it gets great gas mileage.

It has comfortable seats that do not show any wear and tear after 6 years.

It takes direct hits on the bumper well, but hit something sideways on the bumper and the car will have thousands of dollars of damage.

When all parts are functioning, it drives well and is a quick car.

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Review Date: 19th May, 2005