1999 Ford Contour SVT 2.5 L DOHC H.O. V-6 from North America


One thing I was not aware of until after I purchased this car was that Ford "de-contented' this car in some ways that are hard to believe:

There is a dashboard recall on all 99-00 SVT's and SE's because the dash is attached with glue instead of metal retaining clips to the interior.

There was a lot of squeaking from the rear of the car, which was determined to be a poorly lubricated rear suspension bushing.

The stock radio/CD system is AWFUL!!! I spent 550$ on an Eclipse head unit/Polk speaker upgrade, and it was worth every penny!!

General Comments:

Great riding and handling car!!

I took a seven hour trip with my eight-year-old son to Maine, and was not fatigued at all either traveling up or back.

The aftermarket is starting to come out with some serious performance parts for this car (i.e. Vortech supercharger, MSDS headers, KKM intake, etc.) that will enable buyers to keep up with those Altimas and Maximas that have 25-45 more HP.

The stock tires on this car have a brick-like 300 tread wear rating, but stick quite well to the road.

The local constabulary won't look twice at this demure-looking car, and the insurance companies think the same way... it's classified as a sedan.

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Review Date: 31st January, 2002

11th Apr 2004, 20:07

This is a great car, I wouldn't trade this car for another.

I have 25000 miles on the car, I have driven this car for 5 years. Speaking of the dash, I called Ford and let them know how I felt about the dash, I got an answer from Ford, they OK'd it to take into the dealer and have it repaired. I am pleased with the job they did on my 99 SVT.


1999 Ford Contour SE 2.0i VCT Zetec from North America


The Ford that should never have been cancelled in the USA :)


Warped dashboard at the front, this is a free repair by Ford for all Contour, Mystique and Mondeos's and there has been no hassle.

General Comments:

Headlight performance is lower than expected, but not surprising due to the US Coding. Mondeo light packs are available at a price, and I suggest using them if you are a enthusiast.

Seems to also be missing its side indicators like on the UK model, this should never have been left out, they are available as well at a quite small price and come with diagram to install.

However, the handling, oh god, the handling is exactly as the UK models and is quite impressive, one can take twists on the motorway at 30mph more than the prescribed limit without any sliding or screeching (no I do not reccommend or endorse this, I'm a very experienced driver).

My Contour has the VCT Zetec which differs from the standard Zetec in a few ways.. One would be the Variable engine control and thermal coating on the engine head to reduce heat and make the engine look nicer. Second it produces about 5-15 more horsepower than the standard Zetec and the automatic gearbox will set it up for performance if you ask for it, by shifting at premium torque to horsepower usage intervals, it's quite brilliant actually. And of course it does just as well at saving fuel by shifting at economic yet still peppy intervals when driving normal.

I'm originally from the United Kingdom and it's nice to see a car that really matches my tastes that comes at that very special Ford price. It's a shame the Scorpio didn't take off here, that is what I drove in the UK and its just as good of a car as the Contour :)

Who knows, they might bring back the Mondeo to the USA.. It looks like Ford needs a mid-ranger to up their sales again, everyone loved the Contour to my knowledge and people who have had problems with them that I know, admit that most of it was due to their lack of proper maintenance and not the cars fault. Just PLEASE call it the Mondeo.

Not sure I care for the name of Contour.

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Review Date: 19th January, 2002

20th Jan 2002, 11:34

Pity Ford dumped the Contour just as the far better-looking and better-built Mondeo came out. I'd dump the Contour name though -- a world car should be exactly that, bar legal requirements should be pretty much the same. Call it Mondeo in America too! QC can be spotty in the US depending on where it's built. Just compare the Focus reviews from the US and Europe and you'll find differences for a car which was designed in the same place but with parts sourced differently.

5th Jul 2004, 18:47

You say the warped dashboard was taken care of by Ford. Ford told me that this was not a safety recall and would not cover the repair. They only made repair for a short period under a "customer satisfaction recall" that expired after a few months.

1999 Ford Contour SVT 2.5 H.O. from North America


Best sports sedan deal on the market


Absolutely nothing ever failed. Amazing.

General Comments:

This was the most reliable car I've ever owned. Had it for over 2 years, and nearly 33,000 miles.

I drove it across country, and took it to the slalom track a few times. The driving dynamics are excellent.

The back seats, however, are slightly cramped for adults to ride in for long stretches.

Before buying it, I drove many different cars, in many different price ranges. This one had everything, and felt the best to drive. It felt like it encouraged you to have fun...

Listening to the sound of the engine as you went through the gears was reminiscent of my Porsches...

Too bad Ford doesn't see fit to bring the current Mondeo over, as it only got better.

Only problem is resale. OTOH, if you are looking for a performance sedan deal, a used one is now one of the most serious bargains you will find. If you find one with proper records, buy it!

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Review Date: 2nd November, 2001

1999 Ford Contour SVT 2.5L SVT from North America


The seat belts get continuously tangled in the housing. Has been taken back to the dealership. "Nothing is Wrong" is their response.

General Comments:

Very responsive car. Fitting seats, good control locations. The shifter is smooth and inline. The clutch is VERY, VERY light. The clutch is also self adjusting.

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Review Date: 27th September, 1999