1998 Ford Mustang V6 3.8L V6 from North America


Magnificent fun


Purchased the car in non-functioning condition via auction, so a great deal of things were wrong.

Starter was dead.

Clutch was driven so hard so long and worn down so bad that it was damaging the flywheel. Throwout bearing was gone, as were a variety of other components in the drivetrain.

Front and rear bumper were damaged, front and rear lights were busted as a result.

Tires were all rotten, and two wheels were bent.

Interior was filthy, stained, and had burn holes everywhere. Mach 460 system was totally ruined, with three of the original eight speakers working, and working poorly.

Miscellaneous other things were wrong. The driver's side door sqeaks, the struts and shocks are toast, and so on.

General Comments:

This car has been an absolute riot. I got it for well under $2,000 and after an additional investment of around $1,000, it's become my daily driver. The starter and clutch were actually surprisingly easy to fix. This vehicle was my first project, and as a complete amateur I managed to get it running just fine. After some new tires, an oil change, and a good interior cleaning with some cheap wipes and a miniature carpet cleaner, I was ready to go.

Some cars are just plain fun to drive. They transcend limitations of horsepower, gas mileage, and other such mundane concerns. The Mustang is that type of vehicle. All you've got to do is open up the roof, roll down the windows, and get out on the road.

The back end comes loose with little provocation, the V6 (weak as it seems on paper) provides plenty of torque, and I've never really been stuck wanting more. The transmission and steering work fine, and the car just has a good feel overall, even in a state of total disrepair and with over one hundred thousand miles. Replacement parts are cheap, upgrades are readily available, and the car is a cinch to work on. It even looks pretty good in black. As a mixed highway/city commuter, I return around 25-26 mpg, which is par for the course.

Given its reliability, ease of maintenance, and fun-to-drive factor, I can't see how I went wrong with the Mustang. I certainly might have liked to get one without a laundry list of problems thanks to the previous owner, but fixing it is half the fun.

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Review Date: 23rd May, 2007

16th Feb 2008, 17:04

No way man!! This car is just very mediocre at best. There is no way you are getting 26 mpg. I only get 14mpg since the day I got the car, brand new, 10 years ago. And I don't drive it hard. How you can say the car is fun to drive is beyond me! It's only got 150 horsepower. The car is painfully slow! I bought the car for $20,000 brand new, and it's been a bore to drive for 10 years. I don't buy another car because I'm not loaded right now, and I'm a practical person, so as long as it runs I'll keep it. I wouldn't recommend the 1998 mustang v6, to anyone.

8th Oct 2008, 08:18

If you're only getting 14 MPG, you need to get to your Ford Dealer quick. I get 25-26 and I have an automatic V6, yeah it's not real quick, but it's 10 years old. You can't hate it that badly, you've had it for 10 years.

7th May 2009, 00:05

I get around 23-25 MPG on my 1998 V6.

15th Jun 2009, 09:17

I bought my 1998 V6 automatic with almost no options. Paid less than 17K delivered including tax title, tags. The best mileage I have ever gotten with it on the road is 34 MPG! I consistently have gotten 30 + MPG over the years on the highway. Around town, mixed driving, I get around 24 -26 MPG. The car is not underpowered and anyone that thinks so is really looking for a muscle car, not this beauty. Repairs have been minimal, no engine failures, or anything like that.

212,000 and still driven daily on a 80+ round trip commute. If you don't like this car, don't get one. For me, it has been an absolute joy to own. I am just sorry Ford caved on the V6 and upped it to 4.0 liter and jimmied the timing, ruined a really great engine.

1st Nov 2010, 22:18

I bought mine for 1500 in an auction, for college. I wrecked it once more, and it still runs great. I drive it like I hate it, usually until it runs on fumes, consistently get around 25 mpgs, even when I step on it. Most I've gotten was 35 on the highway. The only reason I can't drive it right now is because my horn doesn't work, and it can't pass inspection. I treat awful, yet it always treats me great.

1998 Ford Mustang GT 4.6 V8 from North America


Tons of fun


PCV valve is going bad, but hasn't caused too many problems.

Clutch replaced around 70,000 miles.

Needs new tires.

General Comments:

This car is tons of fun! The V8 responds quickly and the 5 speed manual transmission is tons of fun to drive!

The car handles very well, and can take turns at high speeds with no problem!

I used to drive a 98 Mustang 6 cylinder auto laser red and I thought that car was hot. However now I drive a 98 GT convertible triple black and this car is just beautiful. with the top down the car looks cool and fun, with the top up and the tinted windows up the car looks bad ass, like its about to eat a ricer!

Although the exhaust isn't as loud as the push rod 5.0s, the modular 4.6 has a nice rumble too, and its even better with a performance exhaust system!

Great for a budding car enthusiast or life long car lover.

It might not have as much power as a Trans Am or a Z28, but the price is lower and you're more likely to find one with a manual transmission.

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Review Date: 10th December, 2006