1994 Ford Probe SE 2.0 16v from North America


Ford delivered in SPADES!


Axle is going out driver side.

Brakes wore fast. My fault.

Trunk won't stay up. common.

Driver seat wore faster than I thought they would.

Plastic creaks in dash getting worse.

But for a 14 year old car no major mechanical problems that a lot of other cars see before forty thousand miles! yahoo!

General Comments:

I went to a dealer to look for another car, but as it would be I found the probe. Shining in all it's beauty in bright red, which I would never choose personally. The car was flawless inside and out and cheap too. I love the engine most days. The 2.0 is a pleasure for getting on the four lane. The car handles wonderfully better than anything I have owned and most days still suprises me. I find my self smiling while driving on winding roads. No wonder it was motor trends car of the year at one time. However there are some flaws that steal from the pleasure of owning this car. I made a list for whom ever I hope this helps.

1. paint chips easily on the front bumper

2. trunk won't stay open, but a nice broom handle cut to fit does the fix.

3.Plastic creaks and is annoying an after market stereo does the fix.

4.windows are annoying if rolled down when you shut the door. however if the window is rolled up it seals nicely and closes with a nice solid " thump "

That's about it. I know not bad for a thousand dollar deal that seems to run like it was born too. I love it. Worth its weight in gold!

Looks great anyway. have a great day.

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Review Date: 20th January, 2008

29th Jul 2008, 22:22

Okay folks!!! UPDATE!!! The car has a 135000 miles now I had the CV shaft replaced. I have had no other problems so far. I bought some new tires for it and I still love the windy roads! I will keep you updated.

1994 Ford Probe GT 2.5L 24v V6 from North America


Very minor dings on body (paint is very easy to scratch).

Oxidation on front bumper.

Wear and tear on seats, small crack on dashboard.

Radio antenna broken, not repaired.

Axle shaft on manual transmission broken; $140.

Radiator hoses broken; $40.

Valve cover gaskets broken; $40.

Tires treads are worn, to be replaced soon.

Alternator blew; $750.

Steering alignment off; $150.

General Comments:


It grows on you; at first I was not necessarily the biggest fan, but you start to appreciate the sleek lines and sexy curves. Looks great in Rio Red (my car) or in black. I find the 1994 Probe GT to be the most attractive sports coupe in its class, and one of the most attractive cars on the road today. The styling is more modern than half of the 2007 models they are coming out with today.


First things first, make sure that you have a mechanic that is very familiar with the Probe model; it is essentially a Mazda in a Ford body, and the engine is very complicated to work on. When my alternator blew, the first mechanic I took the car to had no idea what was wrong with it (luckily I have found a mechanic that has worked on these cars since they came out). The Probe (especially the GT model) is becoming quite rare, and many mechanics have never seen/worked on one before.

The GT's engine (2.5L 24V V-6, 165HP) is considered "high performance", so the repairs on this model cost a premium. Parts are hard to find as well - you will most likely have to get aftermarket replacements.

The Probe GT itself is not a very reliable car, but as far as sports coupes go, it can be considered a bit below average. Make sure the previous owner did not trash the car, because it really shows when you own the Probe for a few months. It is a touchy car.


The interior is nothing to be excited about, but is not at all horrible or extremely cheap. The build quality, however, is quite low; the Probe GT rattles ALL the time, and when you shut the doors, it seems like the windows will fall out/shatter and there is a "tin can" noise.

The plastics in the interior are flimsy, and the dash cracks easily. I always feel like if I press something too hard, it might snap.

The cup holder is basically useless, and impedes shifting.

The seats, if you have the power option, have TONS of seating options; so many that it seems you can never find the right position. The seats are comfortable, however, and hold you in place when driving hard. An aftermarket radio is a plus, mine works perfectly.


This department is where the Probe GT really shines. It is truly a quick car, and will definitely blow the doors off any V-6 sports coupe; Integras, Preludes, Eclipses... none stand a chance. However, you must know how to utilize the power in this car; the power doesn't truly come alive below 3,000rpms; but when you punch it over 3,000, the thing FLIES.

To drive the Probe fast, you have to go easy until the RPMs are high, and then floor it. The GT will get to 60 in around 7 seconds, and will top out at 133mph. The car doesn't lose speed until well past 4th gear. Acceleration is stunning in first and second gear; it pushes you so far in your seat that it feels like a turbo.

And the GT's handling is truly SECOND TO NONE. This car will out-handle ANYTHING that is not a supercar, and I mean anything. You can take corners at insane speed - this car hugs the road and inspires confidence in the driver. I cannot explain how well this car handles; you just have to drive it to understand it. I'd put it in the same handling class as the Lotus Esprit and other similar exotics; and the turning radius is just insane.

To sum things up, the Probe GT is a fast car above 3,000RPM and can run with the best; you just have to know that the car prefers high RPMs. Just make sure to stay away from modern Mustangs with V-8s.

The gas mileage is pretty impressive; I get around 25-27 MPG around town, 30 upwards highway.


The 1994 Ford Probe GT is a truly capable sports coupe, and by far the quickest and best looking in its class. However, owning one is not as easy/reliable as owning a similar sports coupe (Integra, Prelude, etc.) You will pay more for the GT, and it is much more touchy and flaky than a Japanese coupe.

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Review Date: 11th May, 2007