1994 Ford Probe 24v 2.5 V6 from UK and Ireland


Fantastic looking


I have just recently bought my Probe for £300. It had no history which is why I was able to get it quite cheap.

However after 2 weeks of driving it I discovered that that engine cuts out while I am driving. This happens whether the engine is warm or cold. Sometimes very frequently other time infrequently.

Having called & taken to various mechanics they say that it could be a number of things. Most if not all have asked for over £100 just to have a look at it & they have assured me there is no guarantee that they will find the fault.

Can anyone help?

General Comments:

For £300 I think I have got a good deal. Despite 125k on the clock it still sounds sweet. Its quite a drinker giving me 250 miles per tank.

The cabin is clapped out with plastics falling off the dash. No rust on roof though which is a common problem. It smokes when I start it.

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Review Date: 25th April, 2006

28th Nov 2006, 09:05

Okay then, your Probe cutting out is a very common fault. It is the immobiliser playing up affecting the distributor.

For full details on how to fix this problem before it cuts out altogether, you can get full help at: www.ukpoc.co.uk (UK Probe owners club)

1994 Ford Probe 2.0 16v 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


Affordable sporty car which is great fun to drive and attracts pleasing comments


Boot struts not strong enough to support weight of tailgate. (Common problem).

Cloth on driver's seat bolster worn. (Common problem).

Electric window mechanism (driver's side) failed.

General Comments:

Handles very well, sure footed unlike the Capri. Comfortable driving position with electric lumbar support.

Pretty nippy and surprisingly economical. Very reliable.

Tinted windows and good all round view. Fairly basic with not many gizmo's to go wrong. Large boot for a sports model.

A little cramped in the back, not really a family car. Sleek dashboard.

Had no air conditioning, but switch was present? Cloth seats, I would have preferred the leather version.

Tilt and slide sunroof. Bodywork perfect, no rust at all for an 11 year-old car. Polished up beautiful.

Most Probes suffered problems with immobiliser and distributor, very expensive to replace.

Engine parts can be very expensive, especially from Ford dealer.

Not easy to get in and out of in a tight parking space due to very large doors. Doors are convertible style (no window frames).

Not sure about the standard 'swirl' type alloys. Spoked would have been better.

Standard black wing mirrors would have been better colour coded.

Interior a bit too 'plastic.' The housing on my seat belt buckles broke very easily. Ashtray assembly very flimsy.

Some Probes tend to smoke a lot due to gradual failure of oil seals. Never had a problem with mine.

Pleasing engine 'growl.' Much more apparent on the 2.5 24v version.

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Review Date: 3rd October, 2005

3rd Nov 2005, 22:47

"Boot struts not strong enough to support weight of tailgate. (Common problem) "

Id have to disagree with this being a common problem unless it's a UK only thing. Never heard of this happening any one else.

1994 Ford Probe GT 2.5L from North America


This car has been cheap, reliable, and fun to drive


Replaced Struts at 140k

Replaced Alternator at 204k

Muffler at 160k

Thermostat at 170k.

General Comments:

The car can keep up with the majority of cars today on a straight line or in the turns.

In addition, it has been virtually trouble free. I bought this car from the original owner with 103k miles. It came with all service records and had new CV joints, and a water pump. Since then I've changed the struts, alternator, muffler, and thermostat. Regular oil changes and brakes and this car is still going strong with 205k miles.

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Review Date: 16th September, 2005

1994 Ford Probe 2.0 from North America


Junky due to abuse--I still liked it though


Passenger door panel (interior) fell off regularly

Needed rotors every time it needed brake pads

Plastic bits in the hatch area seemed to fall off at random

Hatch struts were DOA at 38000 miles

Mass air flow sensor died at 90000

Hydraulic lifters slowly started dying at 50000 warranting their replacement

Constant knocking and pinging

Leaky sunroof if parked on a slope.

General Comments:

I really liked the way that this car handled and engine performance was strong (with a 5-speed), but it was a terrible piece of junk after about 80000 miles.

I replaced the valve lifters, timing belt, water pump and a bunch of odds and ends myself when I removed the cylinder head. I also replaced the head gasket and cleaned up the pistons as they were caked with a horrible layer of carbon.

After I got it all back together, it still didn't run very well. 50% crappy work on my behalf, 50% junky car. I took it to a proper mechanic to correct some of my mistakes; it still didn't run very well.

I can attribute part of this car's problems to the original owner. Long after I sold this car myself, I came to find out that the car was part of a divorce settlement--the wife got the car so the husband poured a bunch of sugar into the gas tank, hence the horrible carbon buildup and the resultant pinging.

The car was also in an accident that did not appear on any records. The accident was probably responsible for all of the engine trouble as it was run underneath a parked semi trailer (peeled back the hood and wanged the top of the engine.)

When it did run well, it was fun and sporty, but it just couldn't handle the major miles I put on it in such a short period of time (72k in less than three years).

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Review Date: 27th June, 2005