1992 Geo Storm 2+2 hatchback 1.6L4 from North America


The car is pretty cool, I just wish I bought the GS version with more horsepower


Ignition module was corroded (needed a new coil and module).

Battery died one day in winter.

Tail light burnt out.

Resonator and muffler had big holes.

Throttle was sticking causing the engine to rev in Park or when stopped at a light.

General Comments:

My Storm can sometimes be peppy (I think it needs a tune-up), but hills are its worst enemy.

The backseat is very low so when I have passengers in the backseat... they always hit their head on the hatch window (kind of funny). But that doesn't matter much because it is a sports car, not a mini-van.

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Review Date: 29th September, 2005

29th Sep 2005, 17:31

Sports car and Geo don't even belong on the same page.

1992 Geo Storm Base 1.6 4 cylinders from North America


Fast and Reliable for the Money!!


Front Driver's strut makes loud noises at times, problem solved with weekly of spraying with WD-40.

Air conditioner didn't work when I bought it. Got that replaced, $362.65.

Driver's side window got stuck while rolling up on a cold sunny day in November 1999.

Radiator stopped working while driving for a 3 hours trip, but I did that 3 times in a day, so made it 9 hours all together. Got that replaced, $250.

Hood doesn't pop up when I release it, someone had to be at the hood or I have to put something under the hood, like a screwdriver to pop up. ***I suspect it was from the accident from the previous owner according to carfax.***

Trunk lock hard to turn, warped my key. *** again, I suspect that it was from the accident from the previous owner according to carfax***

Dash cracked. Seen that in many Storms.

Backseat is very cramped. I slept in the backseat while my sister was driving, it is OK if you "lay" but not if you sit in it.


Hard to replace headlights. And expensive too.

General Comments:

I was on my way to purchase a 1989 Honda Prelude Si on September 18, 1999. Before I got to the dealership, I saw a white Geo Storm sitting in front of another lot, and thought I'd test drive since I know the guy who works there, he would let me drive it. I love to test drive different kinds of cars and I've never drove a Geo Storm. So I took it out for a test drove, and within next hour, I bought it!

I was quite impressed on how fast it goes from a stop considering it is a tiny car. My mom calls it a mouse car.

COLD air conditioning after I got it replaced.

Always started, until February 19, 2001, it broke down. I never keep up with the oil since I didn't want to deal with the hood situation. *smack my head*

I love the outside doors handles. One very cold snowy evening after work, I saw a woman struggling to open her Ford Probe with plastic door handles and I opened mine with no problem since I just have to pull the door, not the door handles.

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Review Date: 11th April, 2005

12th Jun 2006, 21:18

I too am a Geo Storm owner, I agree with most everything you said about it I bought my storm 18 months ago, and it had 142693 miles on it it now has 168585. in all those miles all I have had to do to the little monster is 2 tires, timing belt (it broke in Reno "bummer") coil wire, and most recently front struts. My hood gets temperemental too. Rear strut makes a grunting noise. and as you said NO CUP HOLDERS! AND NO PLACE TO PUT ONE EITHER! I have never driven a car that handles like that little thing though, it rivals any of those little Honda bugs, and it is quick too for a little 4 cyl. Prior to my owning it the wheels were changed out and the stock 14" wheels were replaced with 15" wheels I have driven a Storm with stock wheels, my friends Storm (identical twin to mine) and I think it makes a big difference on the speed and handling of the car it holds the road very well. Calif Storm Lover.

17th Nov 2006, 15:14

I wrote that entry about my previous Storm, and I now have a 2001 Honda Civic and I've got TWO cup holders which is so nice!! :-)

5th Jun 2008, 21:54

Bought a 1992 base model from my brother and it needed work. Replaced the trashed motor with a low mileage replacement and a new clutch. Went through two Pacesetter headers (cracks) so I went back to a replacement manifold. Exhaust separated twice from the the manifold so I bought a new piece and added a flex joint to the base. Problem solved! A Toyota Camry wing in the back looks factory. Got a little kick in the pants form a MSD ignition and a high flow reuseable air fliter. I finished it off with a Pacesetter exhaust system and a two-chamber Flowmaster. Looks fast, drives faster. The look one their faces when you smoke them-priceless.