1992 Geo Storm 2+2 1.6 SOHC from North America


My favorite money pit :D Takes me around the world, and better than a girlfriend


This is a lengthy list, and only applies to the short time I have owned the car, so get ready. PS. I'm 21, and drive the car accordingly.

* Due to missing control arm bolt, left side CV axle "fell out" 10 miles from civilization. Fixed ~$120 (bent control arm replaced from pick'n'pull for $35).

* Rear-view mirror fell off after 2 weeks from a 500-watt 12" sub. Fixed for free.

* Original water pump seized up, draining all coolant and snapping timing belt; Shop said she was an interference type, and dead. I ignored them, fixed for ~$110.

* After new water pump, radiator sprung a leak, fixed with new radiator, ~$100.

* Due to poor performance, I replaced the fuel filter. ~$20.

* Alternator went out and lights started flashing. Fixed for ~$80.

* Power steering belt kept falling off new install. Realized previous mechanic bent the bracket. Power steering fixed for $10.

* Left headlight went out. Fixed for $8.

* Transmission output seal leaking, 24 labor hours later, 4 wrong parts, bent seal housing; luckily none of it my fault. Fixed for ~$60.

* "Skunk strip" from primer wear. Fixed for ~$35 with some satin black roll on and spray paint.

* Transmission pan hole due to off-roading in Guatemala (Central America). Fixed for 140Q (7.5Q=$1) for gallon of fluid, 15Q for metal epoxy, 15Q for hack saw to cut off part of damaged drain tube.

* Oil pan looks like a raisin from abuse. Not yet fixed.

* Suspension blown from offroading (sounds like marbles in a can at times), again, in Guatemala. Not yet fixed.

* Bent frame from offroading and Mexican/Guatemalan Topes/Tumulos/Speed "Bumps".

* Check engine light on occasions from EGR valve. Not yet fixed.

* Gear shifter light went out.

* Passenger side door no longer opens from inside. Recent development from Latin American drive.

* Passenger side mirror ripped off due to tight situation, allowing entry space for the clever. Not yet fixed, probably never will be.

* It's pulled a Toyota stuck accelerator move on me a couple times, but I've a secret technique for fixing; Usually scares passengers more than me; mwahaha.

* Brakes started to smoke after 10 mile drive down a latin american near 45 degree descent. I was stupid and didn't put it into 1st, done the same hill multiple time after with no problem.

* Slight oil leak around valve cover. Not yet fixed, but purchased gaskets for ~$10.

* Only gets 24MPG.

* Idle problems (erratic and low), has only stalled once, recently. Probably due to EGR staying open.

* Backed into a curb, bent back muffler, started the worlds worst/scariest vibration. Fixed for free by pulling, and reattaching to one rubber seat.

* Probably more, I just don't remember.

Purchased with:

* Left side of driver side seat frame exposed; same as every other Geo Storm ever made ;)

* Badly cracked dash (same as every other Storm, again).

General "problems":

* Eats oil like a monster.

* High RPMs cause coolant leak by thermostat gasket.

* About a 10-15 less HP than it should have.

* It only has 3 gears ;)


* Oil changed every 3K.

* Fluids checked EVERY day I drive.

* Brakes replaced.

* See above.

Not too bad for 20K miles and 9 months of ownership ;)

General Comments:

* I'm pretty sure the Geneva Convention makes the back seats illegal.

* Friends call her the "Baby Marrow".

* Can't stop her when she gets going.

* I've kinda grown a fond attachment to this car, like an abusive relationship.

* Drove her from Oakland California to Guatemala C.A.; says at least something, but maybe more about me ;)

* Looks kinda cool all black without the hub caps. Knight Rider is the first thing to come to mind.

* Purchased for $600, So contrary to popular thought, I don't mind throwing money into her, or driving her like I stole her, regardless of blue book value.

* No cup holders, boohoo, but the area between seat and door works like a charm.

* Previous owner had very bad karma, which passed onto me and the car, blessed by tagging "be happy" and "love machine" under the hood; Been great after that :D.

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Review Date: 24th February, 2011

1992 Geo Storm from North America


I love the sporty look of the car


CV joints are going bad.

I am lucky to get 200 miles to a full tank of gas.

The dash or passenger side door makes squeaking sounds when driving down the road.

General Comments:

The car does have get up and go, and handles well on the road.

When I exit to get off the freeway, or I'm driving on a bend, my steering wheel goes back and forth like the wheels have gotten caught in a groove.

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Review Date: 1st December, 2007

16th Apr 2008, 10:16

I have a 92 GEO Storm and the same thing happens to me when I drive around a bend the steering wheel kinda shakes back and forth. It makes me think the wheels are doing the same thing but they seem to be fine on the curve. What is causing this? Can someone please respond. Thank you.

15th Aug 2013, 19:37

I have a 92 Storm as well. Love it. It's a great go-cart. Your problem is the ball joints. Fixed mine right up ;)