2003 GMC Envoy XL SLT 4.2 liter Vortec straight 6 from North America


Best 7 seater on the market by far, Suburban/Yukon XL alternative


The only fault to date is the sensor which controls the air conditioning temperature (according to the set temperature and the temperature of the car without the climate control) was defective at delivery. We brought it in a little after 1 month, the dealer was absolutely excellent about it. They gave us a 24 hour test drive vehicle (Buick LeSabre) and they didn't give us a subcompact either.

Occasionally the center console and other interior parts creak, which isn't a big deal (it isn't that bad).

The fuel economy we are getting is not good compared to what we should be getting (10 vs. 15). Maybe it needs to be broken in. If anyone knows the problem, please let me know.

General Comments:

This vehicle is probably the best 7 seater around.

The luxurious interior is unsurpassed by anything made in this country.

I love the convenience of the 6 disk CD changer in dash. The Bose sound system is great.

The rear heating/air conditioning is a major plus.

Little details make all the difference. The grocery hooks, the rear shelf, the ease of getting into the third row, the ease of folding down the rear seat, the split folding third row, and lots of other things really make a difference.

The vehicle is built on a truck platform yet it drives and rides like a car thanks to an independent suspension.

It has more third row room then a Tahoe or Yukon, gets better fuel economy than a Suburban/Yukon XL and is much nicer and cheaper, and drives better too.

Bottom line: looking for a SUV, look at an Envoy or Envoy XL.

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Review Date: 27th June, 2003

12th Feb 2004, 15:18

My grandma bought a Chevrolet Blazer and it was getting bad fuel mileage and she doesn't "beat" it she drives it like anyone else would and when she got to 7,000 miles the motor got off of the computer set break in period and she got the fuel mileage that was promised. I hope this helps with the problem.