2003 GMC Envoy from North America


Comfortable drive; too many little glitches


This is for the person who had issues with the Envoy not coming out of park. This happened to me about a month ago, and my brother thought it was the fuse as well. But no it wasn't.

Rainy, rainy day and we had 3 kids with us so we had the Envoy towed and it turned out being the wire from the transmission to the shifter (floor model shifter). SO, they spliced a new wire and it works fine for now. I do not the "spliced" idea, but that was how it was fixed at a Certified GM dealer. I had purchased the extended warranty, otherwise it would have cost over 300 dollars. The Envoy had about 47,000 miles on it when this happened.

I have also had the issues with the Check Engine light; turned out being a module.

My major issue has been with hubs and tie-rods! A car with only 50K miles on it should not have these issues, but I do LOVE it anyway.

Roomy for the kids and is highly comfortable. Does great mileage on the highway. I would buy another with the extended warranty!

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Review Date: 6th June, 2008

2003 GMC Envoy XL SLE 4.2L Inline 6 from North America


Broken engine needs repair. Too low on miles to occur?


This was a great car, performed its duties. We got good mileage, and it was comfortable and great for our vacation.

As of this week, while I have been out of town on business, the engine began knocking. Since I had the oil changed before I left, I sent my wife to the Lube Center... oil in the engine, oil filter, etc... no leaks.

Then I had her take it to Goodyear, too big a problem. They told my wife it should not be driven. I had a wrecker take it to GMC to diagnose. They tell me a bearing or rod? $8000 to fix. or get a salvaged engine and scab it to mine ~ $ 3500...

No extended warranty, no desire to pay. Big Problem. Anybody know of recalls or something?

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Review Date: 5th June, 2008

26th May 2009, 16:47

Probably not the vehicles fault. Maybe the wrong oil was put in by mistake. I have had this happen! tranny oil instead of motor oil.

10th Jun 2009, 12:39

Yesterday I took the day off to check over everything on my wife's 2003 GMC Envoy SLE I-6. It has 70,000+ miles on it and has been out of warranty for some time. Since we've found domestic vehicles to require virtually no service I didn't expect to find anything needing attention. My wife informed me that the "service engine soon" light had been on since late 2006, but we generally ignore those if the car is running OK (and it was running flawlessly). I did run a scan on the code and it came up "Minor leak in EVAP system", or in layman's terms "The dealer wants $500 of your money". I simply reset the light. The EVAP system warning is a catch-all category for anything from a loose gas cap to a slight leak in a vacuum line. It is designed into the system to get you to take the vehicle to the dealer. It generally means NOTHING.

Further inspection of the fluids, hoses, belts and brakes showed no need for any attention. We generally get 100,000 miles out of brakes on domestic vehicles and the pads appeared to have another 20,000+ miles left on them.

It grieves me to see the truly exorbitant amounts of money people freely give to dealers (or repair shops) for items they don't need. If more people would bother to inform themselves about their vehicles, it would save them a phenomenal amount of money. When any of my vehicles is out of warranty I buy a Chilton's auto repair manual. It makes maintenance so simple even my wife can change brake pads or do other routine maintenance. A dealer or shop will virtually ALWAYS tell you you need brakes even if they have 60-80% of the pad left,then charge you $300-$600 to replace something you don't need. I replaced the front pads on my Pontiac in 15 minutes on my lunch break. The cost was an astronomical $17.