2003 GMC Envoy SLT 4.3 from North America


Keep a warranty


Rear window motor quit 40,000 (rarely used).

Drivers side power seat module quit at 50,000.

Rear main seal required replacement at 60,000.

Gas tank needed replacement at 65,000.

Hub bearing replaced at 80,000.

Catalytic converter at 112,000.

General Comments:

This is supposed to be a top of the line model, but this year 2003 has a lot of little issues.

This is a dealers dream car due to all the expensive repairs, and had it not been for the extended warranty, I would have given up on this Envoy a long time ago.

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Review Date: 25th May, 2010

2003 GMC Envoy SLT from North America


I love my Envoy - other than the gas mileage now


When I first purchased this used Envoy, the mileage was great for that size vehicle & motor.

Just recently I replaced the fan clutch. The vehicle seems to be still having problems with the fan clutch (roaring long and loud) when first started, and the gas mileage has gone way way down. I have had it checked, and nothing shows up on the scope. There has never been a service light on at any time.

Does anyone have any help or information regarding this?

General Comments:

In general this vehicle has been great. I love the ride, comfort and safely feeling. I will keep this vehicle for awhile.

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Review Date: 22nd February, 2010

23rd Dec 2010, 21:34

You said you replaced the clutch fan, and you still have the roaring sound. You may have gotten another bad clutch fan. I just had mine in the shop for the same thing. Don't buy a GM clutch fan, go to Advance Auto and buy their life time warranty. GM don't offer lifetime warranties because of their junk fans, and their fans are 2x the price of Advance or Auto Zone. Make sure you plugged in the electronic part of the clutch fan also.

24th Dec 2010, 21:11

There are two different things that cause the "jet" sound from the vehicle. Try to see where the sound is coming from. On my Trailblazer it was coming from underneath and was a part on the tranny. Two entirely different problems.

2003 GMC Envoy SLT XL 6 cylinder from North America


It's been great, but it's time to consider selling


The stabilizer and sway bars went around 75,000.

My fan/blower switch began to sporadically turn on and off around 85,000 miles. I had the switch replaced and it has worked fine since.

The most interesting issue I have had with the vehicle, is after driving over 2 hours, the radio and CD components are HOT.. Hot to the touch, and the CDs, if removed, are hot to touch. At first I thought it was because I was running the DVD player while listening to a CD, but it gets this hot even if just the radio is on. I have discussed this with my mechanic, but to date, he has not found any reported issues. I am surprised the car hasn't caught on fire.

At 162,000 miles, my solenoid went up. The car wouldn't shift out of park. I tried all the tricks mentioned online, but the shift wouldn't budge. I had the car towed and the solenoid was replaced. Problem solved? Not yet. Drove 20 miles from home less than 10 days after having the solenoid replaced, and the car once again, had to be towed because I could not shift out of park. This time it was 2 terminal wires to the solenoid. Whew.. no more problems, right?

4 days after having terminal wires replaced, I got a new message: Battery not charging and my battery light came on. I turned everything off except the engine, and prayed I'd get the car home, 22 miles. At about 11 miles, the light went off and the lights brightened, and I made it home safely. What's next?

General Comments:

I love my Envoy XL. It has been a great reliable car until now. At 162,000 I am putting too much money in the vehicle to justify continuing ownership.

When purchased, it was the smallest of the 7 seat passenger SUVs that was still somewhat gas consumption conscious.

The seats are the most comfortable of any vehicle owned, but the clunky rear seat fold down design inhibits efficient packing for big loads.

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Review Date: 29th January, 2010