2003 GMC Envoy XL inline 6 from North America


GMC, better get your act together or Honda/Toyota will own your truck market too!


Fan Clutch - Replaced under Warranty.

Rear Axle seals - @ 60K miles, Out of Warranty cost $400.

Rear Brake Light Driver Side - Corroded connection, have two notice letters, had first repair done under warranty, now that I did one post warranty (but withing mileage limit/age listed in letter), hope that GMC will refund the parts repairs That I had to Purchase from 2 dealerships to effect repair. Cost $140.

Air Conditioning Have had the control module replaced while in warranty. It has gone out again. It seems that the repairs are focused on the effect, not the cause. Another blog reported the cause of the problem-- a faulty vacuum module attached to the transmission that supplies vacuum to the A/C module is allowing trans fluid/mist to travel via the vacuum hose that supplies vacuum to the module, causing intermittent problems/ shorting out. In my case, so far, the dealer hasn't diagnosed the cause, the vacuum canister. I hope GMC takes responsibility for the faulty vacuum part and fixes the problem.

Electrical -

This vehicle eats batteries. Have had one replaced under warranty. Another one post warranty. NOTE TO OWNERS WITH ELECTRICAL ISSUES -- Have the battery load checked. I have experienced similar weird electrical issues as reported in other owners comments. Have the battery thoroughly load checked. In my case, the problems start when the battery is beginning to fail -- shorting of a cell prior to battery failure. Next time I will consider replacing battery with one rated larger than spec. With everything being electrical/computer controlled, batteries are being worked very hard.

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Review Date: 25th October, 2007

9th Dec 2007, 22:22

Your experience is exactly the opposite of ours. Our 2003 Envoy 2-wheel drive 6 has performed flawlessly, with not a single problem. It looks, runs and drives just as good as it did the day we took delivery of it in early 2003.

We have put the Envoy thru some rugged vacation use (including a bit of mountain off-roading) and the fuel mileage on that trip averaged over 24mpg on the highway with the A/C running.

The power from the base in-line 6 is great (it's faster than the V-8 Explorer as well as all the V-6 import and domestic SUV's we test drove before buying it).

My wife likes to trade cars often, but this one she REFUSES to let go of. I took her to look at the new Acadia (which I love) but her response was "NO WAY, I'm driving my Envoy another 100,000 miles".

2003 GMC Envoy LX V8 295 H.P. from North America


I am sorry I bought it


Persistent problem with the fan clutch. I had it checked with the dealer twice, under warranty, they claimed they fixed it. The first time they claimed it was a computer reprogramming issue, the second time I was told it was normal for the car to behave this way when cold. Now at 66,000 miles I am told the fan clutch can be replaced at a cost of 700 dollars (parts and labor). Oh, did I say the dealer told me it was no longer under warranty. I suspect this is a design flaw or equipment reliability problem and GM does not support its customers. I purchased a Cadillac CTR a year before the Envoy and I will give this issue strong consideration when I next purchase my next vehicle. I am not stupid and a Google search in the Internet revealed numerous complaints about the fan clutch.

General Comments:

See above!

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Review Date: 30th July, 2007

11th Oct 2007, 10:14

I'm the owner of a 2005 envoy and I'm having the same issues with my Fan clutch. I took it to Lou Sobh in Duluth in February because my check engine light kept coming on, after doing a diagnostic test, that I refused to pay for they told me it was my fan clutch and it would be $600 to repair, oh yes my car is no longer under warranty, but I refused to pay for it because this car has been nothing, but problems since I purchased it 2 years ago, they did replace my fan clutch free of charge, but now in October, my check engine light has come on again. "Did they fix it or did they do a patch job" I failed to mention that the Pulley, circut board and several tail lights have had to be replaced as well. I really did like this car, until I purchased it! I've only had it for 2 years and I'm ready to get rid of it!

8th Mar 2009, 22:26

I too have had to replace my clutch fan 4 times. And just wait, plenty more problems to come. At 70,000 miles my engine needs to be replaced. Should I trade it in and cut my losses?